Screening Questions

Hiring Success Glossary

Recruiters and HR professionals are often tasked with quickly finding the most qualified candidates.

Screening questions are often used as part of the online employment application process and can be used to assist in scoring, ranking, or even disqualifying applicants that fail to meet specific job qualifications.

This is less comprehensive than a full candidate aptitude test and can be used earlier in the process to eliminate the most poorly matched candidates.

Screening questions for job applicants

Examples of basic screening question are:

  • Whether or not an applicant is authorized to work within a country, and if he/she will require sponsorship of any kind
  • Education level
  • Salary history or expectations
  • Years of experience

Another approach is to get more specific and ask questions related to the job posting. Examples include:

  • Whether or not an applicant has a specific certification required
  • Questions on specific industry experience
  • High level job skill or competency-based questions

Screening interview tips

Screening questions are often used more for volume recruiting where a requisition receives a higher number candidate applications, as opposed to a niche role where a level of sourcing expertise is required. Since efficiency is a primary concern, these are often addressed either in the application process itself or by the recruiter in initial phone screen before scheduling phone or in-person interviews with other hiring team members.


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