Social Recruiting

Hiring Success Glossary

The term Social Recruiting was coined in 2008 and is defined as leveraging social media sites and software in order to recruit and hire people.

It is the art of using social touch points and metrics to attract and recruit new employees. Not only does it include social media platforms but it can also incorporate social media with real-life, face-to-face networking events. Combing social media platforms with traditional recruiting strategies is the best way to define social recruiting.

Social recruiting strategies

Companies and recruiters who leverage social recruiting to attract, communicate with, and hire talent have found success through channels such as LinkedIn Recruiter, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Rather than just broadcasting messages, the most successful recruiters focus on utilizing the “social” nature of these channels to communicate with candidates.

Some specific social recruiting strategies include:

  • Tapping into your corporate social graph to leverage referrals from your employees’ networks.
  • Allowing candidates to easily apply to jobs using their existing social profiles
  • Engaging candidates directly via Twitter DM, Facebook Messenger, and InMail.
  • Adding a careers tab to your company Facebook page.
  • Marketing your job postings like a targeted Facebook ad campaign.
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