On-demand Webinar

How To Build A Business Case To Replace Your Old ATS On-Demand Webinar

If you are a first time ATS (Applicant Tracking System) buyer, you may need to justify spending money. If you have bought an ATS in the past, you may need to justify spending money/more money. You may also have to overcome objections about why spending the money on an ATS is not a priority. Join Tony Lopez, Head of Talent with Illumio and Michael Johnson, Chief Sales Officer at SmartRecruiters to hear about "How to Build a Business Case to replace your old ATS".
During this interactive webinar, Tony and Michael will:
  • Discuss common objections that you face in getting approval to replace your old ATS
  • A 5-step framework to build a Business Case to overcome the objections
  • Provide specific real-life examples of how to implement the framework

Complete the form to access the on-demand webinar along with a 5-step PDF guide for building a business case to replace your old ATS.

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