The New Rule Book of Talent Acquisition How to Select the Right Tech, the Right People, and Whether to Trust Your Gut

The paradigm-shift in Talent Acquisition is almost complete, with TA departments globally adopting new tools and protocols to optimise their processes. And yet, it often feels as if the technology designed to enable us to hire better is doing the opposite, keeping us from simplifying, identifying the right people, and putting the “human” back in HR.

It is time for a new outlook on technology in talent acquisition: In order to enable better hiring, technology has to be agile, intelligent, predictive, and offer consumer-grade usability - this talk offers guidance on the new rule book of talent acquisition, and shines a light on the most pressing questions of modern talent acquisition:

  • The evolution of the modern recruiter and their tech stack
  • Why recruitment deserves their own suite
  • Facing a business case issue when selecting tech

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