Tipico’s 2 Year Transformed TA Function How to Hire 40% More, 50% Faster and 10% Under Budget

In this session, you will learn how Tipico planned and executed their transformation process, using automation and artificial intelligence to build a hyper-growth recruitment engine. The results: 700 hires with an average time to hire of 39 days and a cost per hire of just 1,700€. And all that without losing sight of what’s really important: their candidates.

Join José Arteaga-Alvarez, Head of Talent Acquisition at Tipico, and SmartRecruiters, as they take you through the journey of a successful transformation rollout. They will discuss:

  • The challenges of talent acquisition for global high-growth organizations
  • The steps to take for a successful digital transformation, in order to optimize talent acquisition processes and stay on brand
  • Choosing the right processes to optimize through automation without compromising candidate experience
  • How to roll out a transformation project internally: Making trainings valuable, aligning teams and securing stakeholder buy-in
  • The inevitable failures: What worked and what didn’t?
  • How to achieve Hiring Success with the right process, people and technology

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