A review of Lever vs SmartRecruiters and why SmartRecruiters is the best alternative to Lever's ATS.

Looking for an alternative to Lever’s ATS? With SmartRecruiters, you will benefit from the efficiencies of a modern applicant tracking system, along with the business growth catalyzed by our comprehensive talent acquisition suite designed for and utilized by enterprise & Fortune 500 companies around the globe.

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SmartRecruiters is an industry leader in mobile apps

Easy to apply and transparent to follow up. In a couple of minutes all my information was present so no need to waste time on filling form. I was able to see live updates regarding my application and all this using my mobile device.

- G2
Promoting a job opening as mobile-friendly can increase the number of job applicants by 11.6 percent at the expense of jobs from other employers that aren’t mobile-friendly. In a tight labor market, having a mobile-friendly job application process can be a powerful way for employers to compete for talent.

- Glassdoor
Mobile Apps

Why are mobile apps important to Hiring Success?

Mobile-friendly application experiences attract applicants

of job seekers search for jobs daily on their mobile device
of job seekers think mobile devices play a critical role in the job hunting process
of companies are optimizing their application process for mobile


Supports 30+ Languages

Supported Languages
Whether hiring a software architect in Romania or a game designer in Vietnam, we need to make sure that the application process is smooth and represents a company that the best developers in the world want to work for.

- Romain Delebecque, HR Manager

Over 550 partners pre-integrated into our Marketplace, reducing internal IT cost & maintenance

Four Seasonal Product Releases & Weekly Product Delights

Highlights from January 2020 Product Release:

  • Mass Self-Scheduling
  • Automated Job Distribution
  • European Deployment of SmartJobs
  • SmartCRM Drip Campaigns
Regular releases with features that you actually want show that they listen to their customers and are in-tune with what's happening in the recruiting industry.

- G2

As voted by customers on G2, SmartRecruiters drives positive outcomes for businesses of all sizes

SmartRecruiters is a leader in Small-Business Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) on G2 SmartRecruiters is a leader in Mid-Market Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) on G2 SmartRecruiters is a leader in Enterprise Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) on G2

SmartRecruiters is recognized as a Strategic Leader by Talent Acquisition Industry Reports

SmartRecruiters’ consistent recognition as a Strategic Leader highlights both the breadth and scope of its solution and partner ecosystem, as well as its strong customer momentum and advocacy.
While the talent acquisition suite has expanded far beyond the ATS, this system remains a critical core component of today’s most viable solutions – and SmartRecruiters’ out-of-the-box system is best in class. The system integrates easily with other third-party applications, its reporting and analytics are strong, and the platform can support small businesses and large enterprises.
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