chapter six

Business Outcomes


Immediate savings are persuasive, but your CFO will still want to see how they play into long-term business success.

We know that today’s CFO is operating from a cost-savings mindset, but that doesn’t mean your business case should not include some long term benefits as well. You need to speak both languages to have a fully effective business case.

You have to connect the ideas of Hiring Success and business success for your CFO. Hiring success is the ability to attract, select, and hire the best talent for any role, on-demand, and on budget. A company that can do this, is a company that drives its own scaling and revenue-boosting capabilities. Hiring Success has three pillars: recruiter productivity, candidate experience, and hiring manager engagement. When all three are in place with the right technology, there are profound impacts throughout an organization.

Hiring success is the ability to attract, select, and hire the best talent for any role, on-demand, and on budget

Cost Avoidance

Internal Mobility encourages employee retention rather than resignations or redundancies. The cost of employee attrition due to poor upward mobility should be calculated as six months of that person’s salary. And of course, there are less quantifiable losses in terms of culture and brand continuity when employees only stay a short time.

Flexible technology means easy process improvements, whether it’s supporting a reorganization or launching a new website, all without incurring extra costs.

Full global compliance out of the box with no additional IT management. This covers GDPR regulations in Europe and similar laws around the globe. Your brand earns trust and avoids fines with top of the line data handling.

Consider a scenario where a candidate asks for their data to be deleted; if a recruiter sent a hiring manager that candidate’s application over email then the candidate may be deleted from the system but their data still exists in that inbox. The only way to ensure a compliant data handling is through a single system solution.

With data breaches being a concern for most companies, HR and TA (where a great deal of personal data lives) must be hyper-vigilant. Next-generation TASs can help your company’s data stay safe, even when people work remotely.

This year will see higher IT spend on product resilience and performance capabilities, especially with regard to remote work and security.