Your journey to a CFO-proof business case for HR Tech transformation starts here. We help you identify areas of cost-saving and personalize your projections for a plan that your C-suite can get behind.

Talent acquisition has been waiting […] for time and requisitions to slow down. The time has arrived, and the opportunity is here for the TA function to rise to the challenge and become the strategic function it has always sought to be.
– Megan Buttita
Research Director of Emerging Trends
in Talent Acquisition


Executive Summary

You have a vision of what Talent Acquisition (TA) at your company could be: a strategic function that attracts, selects, and hires the best talent to drive your business forward. However, your TA team needs a modern Talent Acquisition Suite (TAS) to get there. Right now, recruiters are overworked, hiring managers are disengaged, and candidates are frustrated with overlong processes. With hiring slowed, you finally have the time to manage a system change. The challenge is budget. In this economic climate, a typical business case focused on value and ROI will not be enough to persuade your CFO. Right now, CFOs are in full cost-saving mode and you need to speak the language of hard data and real savings to win budget approval. The following resources will be your map to the crucial proof points of a strong budget-optimization business case that will leave your C-Suite recognizing TA as a valued business partner.