Product Manager (Technical)

  • King of Prussia, PA
  • Full-time

Company Description


IT Pros - Philadelphia is an expert technology consulting and staffing organization who is re-inventing the staffing and recruiting industry - beginning with The Greater Philadelphia region.

We believe and have experienced first-hand that data and relationships drive our success. We also believe in being a leader in the industry and that is why we are in the process of developing a professional matchmaking service designed for local employers and technologists, called

The premise is to make it easier for employers to hire the right person and for technologists to find the right employer. No job boards (this process - terrible), No resume searches (takes too much time), No social media outlets (spammy). Signup and receive matches for free.

We are looking to enter not only the web, but the mobile market as well. This is truly a unique of those that you will be proud to be a part of.

Position: Product Manager (Technical)

Type: Permanent

Compensation & Benefits: See Below

Location Options: Remote (Work-From-Home), King of Prussia, Conshohocken or Philadelphia, PA



All options considered (i.e. Salary, Stock Options, Equity, etc.) and to be discussed on a case-by-case basis. 

*Important Note: we are self-funded through our current business model and Founder & CEO.


- 100% Employer-Paid Healthcare Plan
- Employer-Paid Fitness/Gym Allowance
- Employer-Paid Smartphone Allowance
- Employer-Paid Travel Reimbursement
- Employee-Defined Vacation Policy
- Employee-Defined Working Hours
- Employee-Defined Work-From-Home Policy


- Entrepreneurial

- 3 Teams: Recruitment/Sales, Data Management and

- Performance-Driven

- Collective Effort And Approach

- Professional, Fun And Unique

Job Description

IT Pros - Philadelphia has a unique opportunity available for a technical Product Manager who has a passion for creation, design, architecture and ease-of-use. Vision movers, forward thinkers and entrepreneurs should apply. 

Our venture, called (which is currently in phase one out of a four stage process), is a professional matchmaking tool designed for local employers and technologists to better connect with one another based on a series of relational data points.

In this opportunity, the Product Manager will work with the Founder & CEO of IT Pros - Philadelphia to move this venture forward and create excitement within the local technology and business community.


  • Must reside within the Philadelphia region
  • Must be well connected to the local technology and business community
  • Must have a hands-on development background or have the ability to pull in a team of resources
  • Possess excellent communications
  • Highly intelligent when it comes to relational data sets

Additional Information


Stage 1: Phone Interview with Founder & CEO

Stage 2: Phone Interview with Team Members

Stage 3: NDA

Stage 4: On-Site Interview/Meeting(s)

Stage 5: Decision

We are highly interested in candidates who can think on their own, be innovative and build out a great team collectively. There are very few limitations within our organization. If you have a strong internal desire to succeed, we recommend that you apply to this very rewarding opportunity.