Brightsparks: How Recruiting Agency Uses Technology to go “Beyond the Resume”

More visibility into key metrics and analytics results in continuing improvements that drive more effective decisions
"We couldn’t possibly be as efficient as we are without the tools in SmartRecruiters, especially the analytics. We can look at ROI from many perspectives. We can decide which sourcing pipelines deliver the best results, and so much more." Jake Wibberly, Senior Talent Manager


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If you attended university in the United Kingdom, you’ve almost certainly heard of Brightsparks. In fact it’s highly plausible you could be one of the over 14,000 students they have worked with every year since 2003.

Headquartered in London, Brightsparks specializes in placing UK students into both temporary employment during their studies, and entry-level graduate positions afterwards. As their Senior Talent Manager Jake Wibberly reveals, Brightsparks wants to approach their work differently from other temp agencies, building long-term relationships with their candidates:

“This is quite a unique niche. We get to know students very well as we screen them, assess them, and gather feedback after placing them into roles with our clients, so we can gather deep insights into their personalities and skills.”
Jake Wibberly,Senior Talent Manager


Obviously this approach is not without its challenges, especially when dealing with students who may have little or no job experience. Traditional CVs and application processes are of little value, and with Brightsparks dealing with such a large number of applicants, they need standardized processes to ensure efficient and fair placements.

Then there’s finding the students in the first place. Generation Z, in particular, has a disdain for the older, lengthier application processes of yesteryear. University is a busy time with essays to finish, societies to join and let’s face it copious amounts of partying to fit in. With this in mind, Brightsparks needed a quick and easy process that would appeal to students AND give their hiring managers the data they needed.


In 2016, Brightsparks discovered that SmartRecruiters offered the solutions to all of these concerns, and more. Let’s see how:

  • SmartRecruiters’ easy-to-configure dashboard allowed Brightsparks to develop standardized tests to be filled out by candidates. Not only did this provide them with all the data they needed, it also helped reduce bias and increase diversity of applications.
  • The ability to track a student throughout their entire relationship with Brightsparks, via candidate profiles, means their data and experience can be monitored long-term. Therefore the same profile and data gained can be used to help place the student in their first graduate job.
  • SmartRecruiters’ flexible API allows it to seamlessly post to multiple social media platforms, a critical advantage when attempting to source Generation Z. Additionally, the ease of click-and-go applications further appeals to time-pressed students.
  • The data reports and metrics at the core of SmartRecruiters’ platform allows Brightsparks to quickly assess a large number of candidates and effectively analyze their sourcing channels, saving them money and giving them an edge over their competitors.
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