IGI: Advanced Visualization solutions technology integrator sharpens its focus on successful recruiting

Although IGI designs some of the world’s most complex advanced visualization systems, using the SmartRecruiters talent acquisition suite eliminates complexity.
"Using SmartRecruiters? That’s a no-brainer. It’s well-designed and makes my job so much easier – with no roadblocks, no complexity." Paul Helm Director of Marketing


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Based in Commerce, Michigan, IGI is one of the United States’ leading advanced visualization and commercial audio-visual applications, with contracts spanning industries as diverse as cinematic post-production, military and intelligence, engineering and oil and gas exploration.

When you’re dealing with such precise industries in a constantly shifting technology environment, anything less than excellence won’t do — and to achieve excellence, you need excellent employees.

That’s why, in 2012, IGI became one of the earliest adopters of SmartRecruiters’ talent acquisition suite.

“I really liked that SmartRecruiters was all in one. And so do franchise owners. They love the platform and how easy it is to use.”
Paul HelmDirector of Marketing


IGI’s industry and organization present some interesting hiring challenges. As Director of Marketing Paul Helm explains, they are a specialist company within an already specialized industry:

“In many ways, it’s especially challenging at IGI because we’re not a typical audio visual company, but recognized more as specialists in a very narrow niche of that industry called advanced visualization. Because we design, engineer, build and maintain such highly complex systems, we require highly specialized talent.”

Even though IGI may only have been looking to fill a small number of positions at the time, their legacy applicant tracking system didn’t provide the support to find the expert talent they required. There was no easy way to minutely compare candidates, and they still relied on filing cabinets and messy email folders to record and retain candidate information.

This situation was made even more cumbersome when you realize IGI employees often have to wear many different hats spanning departments and disciplines.


IGI realized early that SmartRecruiters was the platform they required, helping them to get a headstart on hiring the best talent in a specialized and competitive market. Here’s how SmartRecruiters turned IGI’s hiring processes around:

  • SmartRecruiters allows for quick and easy sourcing over a wide variety of job boards and social media platforms. This means you’re always in the best position to quickly find that expert you’re looking for, wherever they may be.
  • The built-in collaborative features of SmartRecruiters also allowed IGI to pool the expertise of all of their staff into the recruitment process — a vital advantage in a highly specialized industry. What’s more, SmartRecruiters allows easy integration of other applications, so collaborators didn’t have to completely abandon the tools of their trade.
  • With IGI employees taking on many diverse roles, Paul Helm highlighted SmartRecruiters’ ease of use as an important asset. Employees with little or no recruiting experience could be part of the process with no need for extensive training.
  • IGI could finally empty all those filing cabinets as online candidate profiles means recruiters can quickly and easily contact anyone who has ever applied through the SmartRecruiters platform.
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