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  • Toronto, Canada
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Company Description

SCT resources have a broad range of skills in different technologies. The large skill-set has been made possible by a conscious focus on strengthening our skills base. Every person selected for our team brings something new, something that adds to our offerings. We learn continuously, both on the job and through formal training programs.

Job Description

Network Access Services

•     Provision Network Access Services (WAN, LAN, WLAN, VPN, Firewall) requests
•     Participate in bi-weekly Vendor meetings
•     Identify process issues and liaise between vendor/client/telecom
•     Provide weekly status updates to telecom
•     Leverage tools such as Vendor CMDB (Configuration Management Data Base)
•     Provision Network Access Services requests
•     Attend firewall meetings
•     Maintain CMDB

Wireless Provisioners

•    Utilize vendor portals to submit requests to add change/modify and delete wireless products adhering to VOR and OPS procurement policies
•    Continuously  provide  the  client  status  of  the  order,  providing  tracking  numbers,  welcome packages etc. where applicable
•    Provide the clients with quotes for hardware and voice/data plans to ensure the client gets the    best product for their type of business.
•    Expedites escalations accordingly
•    Handle billing requests and will provide information directly to the vendor to make the required changes
•    Focused on maintaining high quality customer service

Wireline Provisioners

•    Duties to include: add, change/modify, and delete wireline requests while adhering to OPS
procurement policies.
•    Continuously provide the client  with a status of the order, providing tracking numbers, and sending welcome packages when applicable
•    Expedites escalations accordingly
•    Must be able to utilize the proper Vendors per order
•    Accountable for processing billing changes
•    Focused on maintaining high quality customer service as well as not missing commitments.

Account Management Services Fulfiller

•    Utilize multiple application & resources to complete requests to add/change/modify and     delete
employee’s account while adhering to OPS best practices.
•    Provide the clients with general information on the request completed including credentials help documentation, welcome packages etc. where applicable.
•    Fulfill escalations accordingly.
•    Provide clients with knowledge and suggestions to ensure the client gets the best results.
•    Continued Focus  on  maintaining high  quality customer service as  well  as  maintaining met commitments.

The Resource will also be required to:

•     Complete work and achieve milestones within the assigned deadlines;

•     Notify the Cluster/Ministry project Manager in writing of any issues or other material concerns related to the assignment deliverables, as soon as the he/she becomes aware of them;
•     Submit deliverables for the Cluster/Ministry approval as they are completed;

•     Comply with the Ontario Government security procedures and practices;

•     Comply with the Ontario Government architecture/technology standards and best practices;
•     Comply with the Ontario Government  Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Guidelines;

•     Provide knowledge and skill transfer to a designated Cluster/Ministry staff; and

•     Comply with the Ontario Government I&IT Directive, Operational Policy on the I&IT Project

Gateway Process, and other applicable Guidelines, Standards and Procedures.