Tester with development skills ( Contract )

  • Montreal, Canada
  • Contract

Company Description

SCT resources have a broad range of skills in different technologies. The large skill-set has been made possible by a conscious focus on strengthening our skills base. Every person selected for our team brings something new, something that adds to our offerings. We learn continuously, both on the job and through formal training programs.

Job Description

Position Description

This position will work closely with various equities (cash and derivatives) trade engine development teams to create and execute a framework for Scale/Capacity/Resiliency development, architecture, and testing for the Velocity program. Responsibilities include (but not limited to):

- Coordination of test plans with developement teams as new features and products are scheduled
- Test execution and coordination for all Velocity flows
- Development of automation for linux admin commands (ksh/csh/perl)
- Metrics gathering for network/infrastructure/application capacity for all trade flows
- Architecture of resiliency scenarios for all applications and infrastructure components
- Thorough documentation on test plans, test results, executive summaries for senior management
- Development of scripts for data mining and execution of admins for compiling statistics during test execution
- Ownership of Scale/Resiliency environment

Skills Required

Securities trade plant IT background
Unix/Linux/scripting (ksh/csh)
Experience with plant capacity testing/resilience
Understang of low-latency trading infrastructure and multicast environments