Intégrator / front-end developeur

  • Saint-Hubert, Canada
  • Full-time

Company Description

Do you know Techo-Bloc’s precious stones?

Design aficionados at heart, we believe in style with substance making R&D both a core competency and a passionate pursuit. To that end, we build production facilities of the highest caliber and equip them with the latest technology including our own inventions. We ensure the landscape and masonry products we design and produce are functional, durable, and astonishingly beautiful.

Job Description

The inspiration for our products comes from nature. Our inspiration for technology comes from the popular tools and sources commonly used, such as PHP5, MySQL, Ruby-on-Rails, Android SDK, and more.

We are looking for more than a technical person to join our team. We want a candidate who:

  • Will collaborates with Marketing department to tell us how we can build things for Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard;
  • Would be able to explain why we should be switching to WebGL and mandating HTML5 as well as which REST APIs we can mash up;
  • Will know how far we can push iOS before the processor breaks;
  • Will be able to guide, develop and implement – without training wheels;
  • Can show us how we could connect MS Dynamics to Mailchimp;
  • Will show us how a 3D app can run on our exhibition screens;
  • Will identify internal processes that can be automated so we can be more efficient, gather data better and make more time for creative, fun stuff;
  • Maintaining and improving what’s already there, CSS/template tweaks and improving UX;
  • Improving browser issues;
  • Researching new vendors;
  • Running email campaigns;
  • Rising to the challenge of tight deadlines and doing security updates.


  • BS, BA in Computer Science, Information Systems or Web Development;
  • Over 3 years ‘relevant experience;
  • LAMP/LEMP stack knowledge: Linux, Nginx, MySQL, HHVM, caching;
  • Sophisticated knowledge of WordPress core, as well as custom plugins – huge bonus points for training in WP security best practice;
  • Excellent understanding of ever-changing SEO practices;
  • Raw Linux-fu basics (such as SSH, bash, cron, apt);
  • Team workflow tools and PM/Agile principles, e.g. Asana, Teamwork, Slack;
  • Integration and training with multiple SaaS products and APIs used by different departments, inc. e.g. discovery/qualification of requirements for procurement;
  • Cloud-based hosting and management (Ubuntu, Amazon AWS, tools like NewRelic);
  • Source code management and quality control (Git/SVN, but not Mercurial, yuck);
  • Experience with content and asset management across platforms (images, PDFs) and mediums (video, hi-res print, & digital);
  • Understanding of modern object-orientated PHP application development (MVC frameworks, Composer etc);
  • Responsive UI design + cross-browser compatibility;
  • Awareness of performance and security optimization (CDNs, app caching, OWASP, mod_security etc);
  • Good understanding of how native mobile apps work with with custom APIs (e.g. iOS, REST, Android SDK);
  • Good understanding of relational database systems and complex query operations (e.g. MySQL5);
  • An understanding of the value of well-written documentation, staff technical training, and the early design of emergency procedures;
  • A forward-thinking vision for what we might need to do in the future.

Additional Information

Techo-Bloc is where science meets art: a traditional company that loves all things digital. If you’re a geek that likes thinking up and implementing interactive and exciting projects with the latest bleeding edge technology, you belong here.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • live at the center of a creative movement that cares a lot about your opinion;
  • develop your skills and grow;
  • have a dynamic job and an evolving career path;
  • have an interesting remuneration and several benefits as well as a bonus program.
The use of the masculine gender has been adopted to facilitate reading and has no discriminatory intent.
We thank all applicants for their interest; however, only those under consideration will be contacted.