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Company Description

Virtual Organization Management Institute is the world's leading and only 100% virtual global educational institute, think tank, professional association, certification and accreditation provider, and conference producer strictly focused on the modern virtual organization management discipline founded and pioneered by its founder since 1997. 

Job Description

Board Member, Corporate Liaison Specialist - Europe  (Global-Virtual)


Virtual Organization

"A Virtual Organization is an organization which strictly uses all of the following:  a virtual workspace,  a virtual workforce, and virtual organization management (i.e., best practices, policies and procedures for operating and managing an organization in a 100% virtual environment.)"    
               by Prof. Pierre Coupet of Virtual Organization Management Institute


The VOMI Global Think Tank and Advisory Board serves as a global think tank and advocacy group for Virtual Organization Management Institute (VOMI) - as well as an advisory committee to the Office of the Chairman on matters pertaining to local, regional and international issues, events and opportunities.  As thought leaders and advisors to the Office of the Chairman, its members provide the sort of global insight and diversity necessary to promote and achieve the mission of VOMI:  To carry the Luminous Light of  VOMI to every single individual in every corner of the globe.  

Role and Responsibilities:

The Board Member, Corporate Liaison Specialist, a member of the European Affairs Subcommittee,  shall, on a 6-month interim appointment basis, have responsibility for attending all meetings of the subcommittee and carrying out the duties, responsibilities, and policies established by the board.     Will serve as a focal point of contact between the Board and the corporate community; as well as forge strong bonds and alliances between the Subcommittee and the corporate community in order to keep them abreast of all matters pertaining to the board's virtual organization management advisory activities in the region; and will represent the subcommittee on the Social Media Committee of VOMI Global Think Tank and Advisory Board.   In questions of procedure during board meetings, the Corporate Liaison Specialist, with the assistance of a parliamentarian, shall follow Robert's Rules of Order. 


Qualification Requirements:

You must fit one or more of the following profiles:  

  • A recent PhD (one year or less) in business administration - or current PhD Program student with at least one full year remaining, majoring in organizational management or a related discipline - with over 5 years of prior  business development strategy experience, who is a resident or native-born European,  and also a Social Media Guru;

  • A semi- or fully-retired, VISIONARY  European business development strategy executive - a resident or native-born European is preferred, however, it is not required;

  • Or a retired VISIONARY executive from either the business, government, defense, non-profit, military, legislative, judiciary, or public policy sector - who is held in high esteem in the region, currently resides there,  and wants to get back into the game in a very productive and exciting way through a think tank advisory board position.   

Admission is limited only to individuals who are NOT currently working on a permanent full-time basisare financially independent - at least for the time being - and are not interested in finding a full-time job to make ends meet,   and do not have or anticipate any sort of immediate and short-term financial constraints.  Please note that this position is not a substitute for a permanent full-time job for individuals who are dealing with ordinary bread and butter issues and need to immediately secure gainful full-time employment -- and nor can anyone be considered for this position if he/she is currently searching for a full-time job.   Please do NOT apply if you do not meet the foregoing requirements.   As well, we require the following:

•    Above all else, strong moral and ethical values and an Oustanding WORK ETHIC!
•    A passion for all things Social Media and Virtual Organizations
*    Sufficient time to devote to all board activities
*    An extensive and impressive Circle of Influence in business, academia, and government

  • Willingness to learn how to operate and manage, under minimal guidance and supervision, in a 100% virtual organization environment

•    Highly disciplined, focused, and extraordinary ability to adapt and thrive in a virtual organization
•    Must be totally self-sufficient in a 100% virtual environment
•    Excellent written and oral communication, research, and writing skills
•    Willingness to be a Team Player and function within the constraints of tight deadlines  
•    Fluency in English required, additional language proficiencies (French, Chinese, etc.) are a big plus

  • A current Top Secret U.S. government clearance or private sector equivalent is preferred, however,  it is not absolutely required. The ability to obtain a VOMI top secret clearance, if or when requested, is however required.  

*    STRONG references

This is an UNPAID Global-Virtual Volunteer position.  This position is available on an "interim 6-month appointment" basis, subject to renewal over a maximum period of six  6-month terms, and pending the outcome of our semi-annual election and official appointment in accordance with the charter of the VOMI Global Think Tank and Advisory Board board.  Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs  who have successfully completed one full year of service (or 2 consecutive, full 6-month terms) will receive, as a small token of our appreciation and in addition to all board member benefits listed below, a Meritorious Service Award of USD $100,000 cash on their anniversary date, subject to meeting all other award requirements.  

Board Member Benefits:

All active board members are eligible to receive significant VOMI equity grants and other forms of performance-based compensation; consideration for appointment to the corporate VOMI Board of Directors; and other high-value company benefits. 

Membership Highlights:    As a member of the board, you will have a unique and invaluable opportunity to interact directly with a very elite group of virtual organization thought leaders and strong supporters, and the founder of the modern virtual organization management discipline; as well as gain a front row seat at the forefront of the latest virtual organization management developments at VOMI.     

For Additional Information

Click here for a Grand Overview of VOMI Global Think and Advisory Board.    View the VOMI Global Think Tank and Advisory Board

To Apply

For immediate consideration, please submit your resume, along with a cover letter stating your reasons for wanting to be a Board member,  to Chairman Pierre Coupet.   :: Women are also very much encouraged to apply.

ABOUT VOMI:  Virtual Organization Management Institute is the world's leading and only global 100% virtual educational institute, think tank, professional association, certification and accreditation provider, and conference producer strictly focused on the modern virtual organization management discipline founded and pioneered by the founder of VOMI since 1997.

ABOUT VOR:  Virtual Organization Recruiter (VOR), a newly formed division of  Virtual Organization Management Institute (VOMI) whose precursor dates back to 1981,  is the world's leading and only virtual organization recruitment firm that is strictly focused on the assessment and recruitment of senior executives and mid-level professionals who are able to adapt and thrive - and Lead - in a 100% virtual or virtual organization environment ::

ABOUT VOMI VIRTUAL ORGANIZATION ACADEMY:   VOMI Virtual Organization Academy, a newly formed division of Virtual Organization Management Institute (VOMI),  is the world's leading and only virtual organization sabbatical destination for corporate executives, public policy executives, government officials and employees, academic researchers and faculty members on sabbatical leave who wish to quickly immerse themselves and gain first-hand experience of life in a 100% virtual organization environment for a limited period of time ::

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