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Company Description

ABOUT VOMI:  Virtual Organization Management Institute is the world's leading and only 100% virtual global educational institute, think tank, professional association, certification and accreditation provider, and conference producer strictly focused on the modern virtual organization management discipline founded and pioneered by its founder since 1997.  

Job Description

"A Virtual Organization is an organization which strictly uses all of the following:  a virtual workspace,  a virtual workforce, and virtual organization management best practices, policies and procedures for operating in a 100% virtual environment."    
               by Prof. Pierre Coupet of Virtual Organization Management Institute


Seeking personable, fun, engaging, creative, hard-working, and self-motivated Public Speaking Interns worldwide,  in the mold of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama;  with a passion for all things Public Speaking and Social Media; and who can bring creative ideas to the public speaking team and implement them.  Will support the Communications and Global Ambassadors committees of VOMI Global Think Tank & Advisory Board, a powerful internal advocacy force within VOMI.  You will, under strict supervision, prepare speeches on assigned topics and make effective use of oratory devices and social media tools in delivering speeches.  Will learn how to think on your feet and speak articulately on various topics, including all VOMI programs and activities, to both internal and external stakeholders with a minimal amount of preparation.  Will deliver webinar presentations on virtual organization topics at VOMI events.  Will also participate as host, panel member, guest speaker, or keynote speaker at various VOMI-sponsored or non-VOMI events.  Will also be involved, under strict supervision, in planning and/or attending Board meetings;  learning and using  virtual organization parliamentary procedures based on VOMI's Rules of Order; recording and transcribing minutes of board meeting; and helping draft Board resolutions.   

This is a 30-Day UNPAID Global-Virtual Internship,  with a possibility of being extended for up to a maximum period of 90 days based on your initial performance during the first 30 days.  Our internship program is Year-Round and is open to all applicants worldwide who meet our strict requirements.   All selected interns who have successfully completed the maximum total of 90 days of internship will receive a $1500 stipend for tuition and education expenses subject to meeting all other stipend award requirements.   

Internship Highlights:  This virtual organization internship is part of a global educational residency training program at VOMI Global Think Tank & Advisory Board,  effectively making you a pro tem member of the board; gives you a unique and invaluable opportunity to interact directly with the chairman of the think tank-advisory board and founder of the modern virtual organization management discipline, and other significant players in the field; as well as a front row seat at the forefront of the latest virtual organization management developments at VOMI.  |  |  

To Apply:

For immediate consideration, submit your resume to Vern Evans, Chief Talent Officer.


Qualification Requirements: 

You must be an undergraduate student (anywhere in the world) in your final year, or a Master or Ph.D. Program student, majoring in either Public Relations, Mass Communications or Journalism.   Must have a minimum 3.0 GPA in your major or equivalent; a 3.75+ GPA is preferred.  An obsessive compulsion for all things Social Media is a huge plus.  Basic knowledge of a wide variety of social media production tools is extremely helpful.  Design skills using Powerpoint, HTML and Adobe Photoshop, etc., is another big plus.  Admission is limited to undergraduate students who will receive course credit for the internship, however, a waiver of this requirement due to extenuating circumstances may be considered on a case-by-case basis; and to MBA and Ph.D. program students.   As well, we require the following:

•    Above all else, an Oustanding WORK ETHIC! 
•    Willingness and ability to operate and manage, under strict supervision, in a 100% virtual organization environment
•    Excellent written and oral communication, research, and writing skills 
•    Highly disciplined, focused, and extraordinary ability to adapt and thrive in a virtual organization
•    Must be totally self-sufficient in a 100% virtual environment
•    Proficiency with Google Docs and all Microsoft Office applications
•    Fluency in English required, additional language proficiency (French, Chinese, etc.) is a plus
•    Knowledge of all leading social media platforms a must (Linkedin, Google+, Facebook, Twitter)
•    A minimum of 2 brief writing samples

Additional Information

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.

Virtual Organization Management Institute
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United States

skype: VOMI.HR

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