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Zero Unemployment

Our goal is to end unemployment globally.

Imagine a world where people who want to work, can work.
Imagine a world where businesses that need talent, get talent.
Imagine a world where hiring is easy.
The Zero Unemployment Movement aspires to push the economy toward its full potential by fixing friction in the labor market.

Ending Unemployment Globally

Why Unemployment

We created unemployment. And we can fix it.

Over 200 years ago, there was no unemployment. Today, almost a tenth of our workforce isn’t producing. The root cause?
An inefficient labor market where finding the right talent is long, hard and expensive. Think about it. What would the economy look like if businesses had easy unlimited access to talent? How many more businesses, projects, and jobs would be created?

We Can Fix Unemployment

Recruiting Sucks

More than 3,000,000 vacant jobs.
Over 9% unemployment. That sucks.

Recruiting, as a process and an industry, is broken.
But, we can fix it. We live in a connected world where hiring should be fast; it should be social; it should be fair.
Mostly, it should be easy. Let’s make hiring easy.

Unemployment Is Too High

Get Involved

We can change the Labor Market.

Unemployment is not a fatality. Here are 3 things you can do:

Get Inolved To End Unemloyment
Got Jobs? Give Labor
Help A Friend On Labor Day

Help a friend find a job:

  • Review their resume/cover letter
  • Make an introduction
  • Help build a social profile
  • Conduct mock interviews
Jobs Created