Path to Gender Parity

This talk brings to light the gender biases and unconscious slights that routinely happen at work in order to lift these actions to the public consciousness and heal a silent divide.

Age-ism at work

Age-ism may well be the biggest source of discrimination, yet this topic does not get the education it really deserves.

Most of us have this bias but are unaware of it, and we're not well equipped to handle it when subject to it.

This session will help you identify age-ism and give you the tools to combat it.

Have you hired a refugee?

Refugees are marginalized, stigmatized, and can't work until their status is approved. If you hire one, you may lose them one year later. So why care?

This session brings to life perspective, the value, and the knowledge you need to unlock this rich source of talent.

A standout applicant

Live the stories of job seekers who each had a physical handicap:

Kathy is a deaf graduate with a law degree and hopes to become France's first deaf lawyer.

Jordyn is blind and is a developer at Apple. Chris is also blind and is an architect.

This talk makes us realize just how deeply talented these communities are and the simple things we could do to make our offices more accessible.

Inspire your remote workforce

Remote workers can easily feel isolated from your company's culture. But in our interconnected world, remote work is necessary to bring in the best talent.

This session will share perspectives on building an inclusive company culture.

How to pitch your company

Job seekers are often swept away by the allure of working at a startup. But 'traditional' enterprises have a lot more going for them than they often realize.

This talk will surface the qualities enterprises possess but are often not communicated to job seekers to give you tools to better position your company.

Course corrections in the battlefield

The one constant in this world is change. So how do enteprises execute major course corrections mid-flight?

This talk shows three fundamentally different strategies global enterprises took and exposes the rewards and consequences of each approach.

What hyper growth looks like

Ever wondered what hyper growth looks like from the inside?

This is a perspective that few have had the chance to encounter. Take a journey down memory lane of people who lived this experience. Learn what instigated the exponential growth and what key rules and processes they placed to scale their operations.

How to extend your brand to recruiting

A company's brand is often it's top draw. But recruiting teams that don't properly extend their company's brand into their communication. Imagine if you could extend your brand into recruiting like a marketer does.

This talk illustrates how story lines and tones are created from a brand and is then embedded into recruiting campaigns.

Internal career pathing

Everyone knows the value of employees who have worked in multiple departments. It's a company's dream to offer perfect mobility, but somehow those who do it well are few and far in between.

This session will feature three difference makers in the industry who made lateral mobility a frequent possibility.

The future of job advertising

With unparalleled access to job and candidate data, Recruitment Advertising is poised to take hold over traditional Job Postings.

Take a deep dive into the world of programmatic advertising and cost per performance campaigns to learn what it is and how it works.

Battle of the bots

Four leading recruiting chat bots will face off in a live battle. The audience asks questions and bots will respond, starting an entertaining and informative conversation. The audience then votes the winner.

Find out just how far natural language processing has come, how bots present themselves to candidates, and if they're able to fail gracefully.

How to really impress

Augmented reality enriches the world we see in any way we imagine! Though this industry is nacient, its applications create whole new experiences.

In this experiential session, you will be a consumer who takes part in four of the best augmented reality campaigns ever made.

Blockchain in recruiting

Blockchain brings a wealth of applications to the recruiting that range from safeguarding applicant data to creating an entire gig economy.

This session offers live demos of some of the world's most advanced recruiting applications on blockchain.

All the ways you can assess!

Welcome to a museum of assessments.

In this session, you will get a live demo as well as glimpse into the inner workings of assesments that are vastly different in nature: psychometric, neural, cognitive, team fit, and technical assessments.

Analytics in the boardroom

We have troves of data! But how do we use it to our advantage to generate insights and incite growth?

The purpose of this session is to take you through live examples of businesses who have used data to help surface the right questions.