Our recruiting software is the generational successor to Applicant Tracking Systems. It enables enterprises to transform into world-class recruitment marketing and sales machines.


Triple Your Candidate Flow.

Everything you need to target and find the top talent with a best-in-class candidate experience that inspires rather than demeans

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Hiring Managers Love It.

A modern, mobile user experience that recruiters and hiring managers embrace to easily identify and close the best candidates

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Amaze your IT Department.

Runs on an open and configurable cloud platform for all of your processes, your partners, your integrations and your insights

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The Talent Acquisition Platform: The Case for a Modern System

This will replace your applicant tracking system

Cut through old-fashioned applicant tracking system thinking in this new whitepaper about the Talent Acquisition Platform.

Collaborative Hiring:  Leveraging Social Software to Hire the Best Talent

Leveraging social software as recruiting software

Download this eBook on collaborative hiring and learn how to hire the best talent with social software.

The 4 Questions Your ATS RFP is Missing

4 questions your applicant tracking system RFP is missing

Learn which 4 questions should be at the top of your applicant tracking system RFP.

Recruiting software for acquiring talent like you acquire customers

Download the SmartRecruiters overview and learn about this approach to recruiting software.

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