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One Platform for Hiring.

Everything you Need to Source, Engage and Hire Top Talent.

"... improve the intricate, tangled, confusing, and frustrating hiring process."
“Its marketplace gives talent-seekers a “one-stop shop."
"To get your opening in front of the maximum number of candidates, go to SmartRecruiters.”

Easy and Intuitive

SmartRecruiters is designed with the end user in mind. No complexity.
No head scratching screens. So you can focus on hiring the best talent.

We have hundreds of people using it and I don’t have to train anyone.

Eric Van Delden, Education First

The user experience is 100x better than We are better than... and that is an understatement.

Michael Chong, Saama

I am blown away by how good it is!

Unlimited Media

Free Recruiting Software, Really?

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SmartRecruiters free recruiting software has everything
you need to post jobs, manage candidates and make
the right hire. No time or volume limits. No hidden fees.
Just free and easy.

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Manage, measure and optimize your entire hiring process while enjoying premium levels of customer service.

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Job Posting

Post a Job

Save time and money by posting your job to hundreds of boards in a single click.

Post a job
Save Money

Check in often for special promotions where you can save big.

Optimized Distribution

We float the best boards to the top so choosing where to advertise is easy and fast.

Niche Job Boards

We have partnered with hundreds of boards across multiple industries.

Leverage Your Traffic

Jobs get posted to your website & facebook careers page automatically.

1-click Distribution

No more copy/paste

Predictive Sourcing

Quantitative & qualitative results based on historical data.

Applicant Tracking

All Candidates In One Place

Move candidates through your hiring cycle quicker with full Applicant Tracking from Apply to Hire.

Applicant tracking
Contact Info at a Glance

See everything from current employment to social web accounts.

Rate and Review

Give the candidate a quick rating and share your thoughts about the candidate with your team.

From New to Hired

Move the candidate along through the hiring process. Share, invite, assess, message and more; all in one place.

Resume and Hiring Activity

Read work and educational history, messages exchanged with the candidate, and collaborative hiring activity.

Collaborative Hiring

Hire as a Team

Unlimited users so you can bring everyone in and work collaboratively. Share profiles and reviews, collect feedback and make the right hire.

Collaborative Hiring - message Collaborative Hiring - rating Collaborative Hiring - comment Collaborative Hiring - sharing
Career Website

Post Jobs on Your Website

Leverage your existing traffic. Display live jobs on your website and get more candidates.

Social Recruiting

Leverage your employees' networks to target specific skill sets and experience.

Share Jobs with colleagues, friends, customers and professional connections.

My team is looking for a UX designer. Posted the job to SmartRecruiters so it’s super easy to apply:

Candidate Experience

1-Click Apply

We make it easy for people to express interest, so everyone has a
positive experience and you get to hire the best talent.

Facebook Recruiting

Turn Fans Into Hires

Build a Social Career Site. People can search
jobs and apply directly from your Facebook
company page.

Hire on Facebook
Facebook Recruiting
Candidate Assessment

Make Better Hiring Decisions

Add science to the art of recruiting with
SmartRecruiters Assessment Center featuring
thousands of tests from leading vendors. Candidate Assessment

  • Great Culture FitChecked
  • The Right SkillsetChecked
  • Awesome ReferencesChecked
  • Background VerifiedChecked
Candidate Assessment
Recruiting Analytics

Powerful Analytics

Real-time analytics give you insights into your
recruiting efforts. Control your budget.
Optimize your process.

Recruiting Analytics
Agency Management
Agency Management

Hire a Recruiter

Manage all your external recruiters from one place.
Invite existing suppliers or discover new ones in the Marketplace. Negotiate Terms. Receive Candidates.
Make a Hire. Agency Management

Direct Sourcing

Source Passive Candidates

Search through multiple databases giving you access to hundreds of millions of profiles.
Import Leads. Build Talent Pools.

User Experience Designer in San Franc

UX Designer
David Smooke

Senior UX Designer, Golden State Warriors
San Francisco, CA, USA

Mobile Recruiting

Get candidates on the move. All your jobs are immediately mobile enabled and visible on your mobile optimized career site. Mobile Recruiting