Bosch Wins Best Application Process Award

Recognized for global TA transformation and achieving Hiring Success

San Francisco – December 8, 2020 – SmartRecruiters is thrilled to celebrate that Bosch, a longtime customer, received the “best application process” award for its strategic TA transformation and SmartRecruiters ATS rollout for over 300,000 global employees. Bosch joined the SmartRecruiters family three years ago to reinvent their recruiting process and make Hiring Success their competitive advantage. The award comes from the German Trendence Institute and is evaluated on the degree of innovation, the strategic approach, the degree of digitization, and the measurement of success.

Bosch’s TA Transformation Story: 3 Years, 72 Countries

In order to ensure long-term business success and competitiveness, Bosch set out on a journey to become an employer of choice. The company recognized they needed to expand outside of the classical approach to more tailor-made recruiting processes, a stronger selling mindset, and user-friendly recruiting technology.

The top priority was to focus on the candidate and to align all touchpoints in the sense of a true Candidate Experience. The mindset “Candidate first” became the overarching guiding principle for realigning processes. The importance of the recruiting application tool became really critical as the applicant’s primary point of contact with Bosch. That is when Bosch decided to partner with SmartRecruiters to transform the TA practices with an innovative system.

At the same time, the project also repositioned recruiting as a joint mission and strategic partner for business and HR. Instead of just posting job offers and hoping for suitable applicants, the goal is to proactively attract and target potential candidates. User-centered methods were used throughout the project (User Experience, Design Thinking). All configurations in the tool and process design were accompanied by a user experience team. By that they tested and co-designed the system with internal and external candidates as well as hiring managers and recruiters to ensure a radical alignment in terms of candidate experience and system acceptance.

The Results: 

The new TA process and technology provides an internationally standardized recruiting process that can be verified by KPIs (time-to-hire, feedback times to candidates, candidate quality, etc.) including a new candidate-centric mindset for HR and executives.

Bosch’s project motto “Candidate First” and the consistent, strategic approach are some of the reasons they received the award. The short rollout time of only three years and success of the 72 countries was also a key highlight to the award.

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