Hiring Success Plans

Everyone deserves Hiring Success. Find a plan that works for you.

Best for:

Any individual who needs a simple, fast way to advertise jobs and make a hire.

Use SmartRecruiters Personal to build a personal pipeline of talent for one or more positions.

Key needs:

Sourcing - Post to job boards and share on social.

Candidate management - Capture and follow up with applicants.

Analytics - Keep an eye on your candidate pipeline.

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To get started instantly with SmartRecruiters personal edition, to create and post a job now - for free.

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Best for:

Hiring teams and small to medium-sized companies that need to attract great candidates and manage hiring as a collaborative process.

This option offers a powerful and elegant set of capabilities that work out of the box with minimal support or training required.

Key needs:

Sourcing - Robust sourcing + a modern, mobile experience.

Candidate management - Support for multiple hiring stages and interviewers.

Analytics - Instant access to metrics.

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It’s easy to learn more about SmartRecruiters Team Edition. Contact one of our Hiring Success Advisors to schedule a demo.

Best for:

Larger companies that need one recruiting platform to scale across the entire enterprise while integrating with other systems.

This option offers maximum control and flexibility without sacrificing ease-of-use and collaboration. Activation and training is pain-free, and fully managed by SmartRecruiters.

Key needs:

Sourcing - Multi-channel sourcing. Fully customized branding.

Candidate management - Advanced control, configuration, custom workflows, and integration.

Analytics - Real-time source, spend, and compliance data.

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It’s easy to learn more about SmartRecruiters Corporate Edition. Contact one of our Hiring Success Advisors to schedule a demo.

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  Personal Team Corporate

Recruitment Marketing

The capabilities required to efficiently target, engage, and convert quality prospects into great candidates.
Job ads (mobile-responsive)
Mobile apply process
Predictive job distribution
Social recruiting
Mobile recruiter app
Staffing agency management(Basic)
Branded career site (SEO, mobile)
Landing pages / microsites
LinkedIn Recruiter integration
Internal mobility

Collaborative Hiring

The capabilities required to convert a pipeline of great candidates into great hires.
Applicant tracking
Candidate management(Basic)
Interview management(Basic)
Testing & assessments(Basic)
Live Hireloop feed
Mobile hiring manager app
Social hiring groups
Offer management(Basic)(Advanced)
Referral management
Requisition management

Recruiting Insights

The real-time information required to ensure that great hiring happens on time, on budget, and in compliance.
At-a-glance metrics
Live Hireloop feed
Pipeline dashboard
Source tracking analytics
EEO & OFCCP compliance data
Recruiting process analytics
Supplier performance data

Modern Platform

The capabilities required to customize and integrate your entire hiring process.
Administrator rights(Advanced)
User management(Advanced)
Process & workflow configuration(Advanced)
User roles and rights
Custom extensible fields
Single Sign On
Custom integrations


How will you help me achieve success?

SmartRecruiters offers custom levels of activation and priority support to ensure our customers achieve maximum success. Our approach combines education and strategic conversation with technical support and custom configuration.

Starting from day one, our team of experts will help guide and enhance your SmartRecruiters experience through step-by-step configuration, customized training for your hiring teams, data migration and career site integration assistance.

These Activation Services are available for your onboarding and ongoing success package:

For more information on our activation packages, please contact us today.

How will you bill me?

Our pricing is based on the number of employees in your company as of TODAY. We don't nickel and dime you each month with how many employees you have - we want you to hire as many great people as you need. To make it easy, we ask for annual upfront commitment and you can pay via credit card or invoice. Contact us for details.

What is the SmartRecruiters Store?

SmartRecruiters is the only hiring platform to provide a fully integrated Store, which includes global job boards, recruiter agencies, and assessment tools to help you find, assess and hire great people. Easily post to any job board in the world directly from the Store, and your incoming candidates will be automatically and reliably tagged with the job board source to give you a true measurement of cost per candidate, interview and hire.

Customers can also manage all pre-existing contracts and credits with any job board through the Store to streamline and optimize job advertising spend.

Contact us for more information, or to learn about Media Services, our full-service job advertising concierge program, and benefit from our expertise and extensive network to get the best price on the right job boards.