SmartRecruiters Announces Q1 2021 Product Release

New features, functionality extend value, capabilities to end-to-end Talent Acquisition Suite

San Francisco – April 28, 2021 – SmartRecruiters, the Hiring Success Company, today announced its latest product release. With powerful new tools designed to enhance automation, efficiency and sourcing capabilities to global TA teams, the latest product release delivers enhanced functionality that extends and augments what’s already the market’s most comprehensive talent acquisition suite. 

With information security and data privacy emerging as a top priority for global enterprises in general, and talent acquisition organizations in particular, SmartRecruiters’ quarterly release reaffirms its commitment to ensuring customer compliance and business continuity. 

For TA teams, this means additional enhancements for data security and advanced protections to sensitive information to create a safer and more secure platform across the enterprise, while still enabling team members to effectively manage their day-to-day operations and successfully deliver hiring success outcomes.

One of the most prominent releases announced by SmartRecruiters, a feature known as Delegated Administrator, helps strike the right balance between ensuring compliance while controlling information security and also allowing end users seamless access to requisite candidate and requisition based data across the hiring process.

With Delegated Administrator, administrators will be able to toggle system rights and assign specific users custom roles within SmartRecruiters. System administrators can even build multi-tiered permissioning models based on specific criteria like user locations and roles. 

Now, hiring teams will no longer have to worry about trading data privacy for convenience; users will be able to have the access they need, and administrators will have full control over permissioning across the entire talent acquisition suite.

Another feature, Delegate Approvals, is designed to keep driving the recruiting and hiring process forward, even when employees are out of the office for vacation, sick leave or an unexpected emergency, by allowing both system users and admins alike to assign delegate permissions within the system. This ensures continuity and consistency across the TA process, even when a hiring team member is out.

“We are finding the offer clauses and triggers very easy to build,” one TA Operations leader from a global biotechnology company recently said about SmartRecruiters’ newest release. “They’re quick and easy and I really appreciate being able to copy the code right from the clause builder.”

SmartRecruiters’ latest release also showcased the company’s significant investments in both platform integrations and systems configurations with their newest product offering, known as SmartConnect

These self-service integrations provide enterprises with a simple, seamless and fully configured TA Tech stack which operates seamlessly within existing recruiting or hiring workflows to deliver more capabilities when it comes to sourcing, screening and selecting candidates from both inside and outside the organization, while decreasing the total cost of ownership required to maintain separate systems and solutions.

The initial SmartConnect integration partners announced by SmartRecruiters include:

  • SEEK  Posting:  post and remove jobs in real time directly from the SEEK platform
  • User Sync: Define and adjust roles to standardize data with core HCM & HRIS systems
  • Configuration Sync: Adjust core user fields and data requirements with ease
  • Launchpad: Incorporate video interviewing into the hiring process for advanced recruiting effectiveness, efficiency.

The company will continue to add SmartConnect integration partners in the months to come, and plans on rapidly expanding this program to meet the rapidly evolving needs of its existing customers and clients, as well as fully support the new realities of recruiting and hiring in the new world of work. 

As companies continue to enhance and update their talent acquisition efforts, enterprises today need more process automation, and greater efficiency, than ever before to attract, hire and retain the right talent. SmartRecruiters latest release offers several features designed to deliver automation at scale.

Automated Email Notifications: Allows users to schedule and deploy fully automated communications to both hiring teams and candidates at different stages in the hiring process, saving time and unnecessary steps while optimizing hiring team communication and candidate experience.

Manage Candidate Reapplications: Easily provides visibility for users into candidates who have reapplied for a job for which they’ve previously been rejected, providing deduplication within individual reqs and a streamlined application review process for end users, who no longer have to spend time sorting through duplicate candidates. Teams can also customize the duration of how long candidates will continue to be flagged upon reapplying for other roles or open reqs within the system.

SmartCRM: These advanced enhancements to SmartCRM enable end users to search, sort and filter talent communities, while providing the ability to customize lead capture forms and ensure consistent branding through a fully configurable CMS that supports enterprise employers needing to manage  multiple brands or lines of business.

Custom Job Filters for Internal Mobility: There’s a good chance that you already know your next hire, and with this new feature, SmartRecruiters makes it easier for your current employees to find and apply for their next jobs within your organization with custom job filters. This feature automatically alerts internal applicants about internal job opportunities, and provides enhanced search functionality for employees looking for that next role within your company. 

Reaffirming SmartRecruiters’ investment in enabling internal mobility and enhancing the internal recruiting process, the company recently launched its first ever State of Internal Recruiting Survey. This inaugural market survey was designed to show what real recruiters at real companies are really doing when it comes to internal recruitment today, and how companies are developing their internal mobility capabilities into a competitive talent advantage. 

All survey respondents will receive an in-depth industry study, featuring market data, best practices and internal recruiting benchmarks. 

Learn more about these and the other features from SmartRecruiters’ latest quarterly product launch here.

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