SmartRecruiters Delivers 50 High-Impact Product Enhancements Alongside Innovation & Inclusion Initiatives in Quarterly Release

Talent Acquisition teams will experience robust platform enhancements that improve hiring workflows, candidate management, and sourcing efforts, while also being introduced to major innovation and inclusion programs.

SAN FRANCISCO – April 25, 2019, 8:00 AM PST: SmartRecruiters, the Hiring Success Company, introduces today over 50 high-impact product updates designed to improve overall user & platform experience. This release is packed with significant enhancements in SmartCRM for stronger employer branding and recruitment marketing, deeper role-based permission configurations, and faster mobile workflows. The entire platform is undergoing a User Interface overhaul, where SmartRecruiters turns diversity & inclusion theory into practice through software accessibility.

The April 2019 product release includes the following:

  • Candidates can now edit responses to screening questions for profile accuracy and filter internal job postings for search efficiency.
  • Hiring managers and platform power users can leverage new interview APIs and improved mobile workflows to save time on tedious processes and focus more on making great hires.
  • Recruiters gain deeper customization over Lead Capture Forms and community filters to boost sourcing capabilities and evaluation efforts.

“Having launched three new products in 2018, SmartRecruiters is committed to innovation on our existing platform this year,” says Natalia Baryshnikova, Head of Product at SmartRecruiters. “We have exciting updates on accessibility, where we are bringing inclusion strategies to life via design, as well as an innovation program that empowers any employee to contribute towards the product roadmap.”

The first of SmartRecruiters’ approaches to fostering a more inclusive and innovative culture across the entire organization is SmartLabs, a program led by passionate employees who want to transform ideas into reality. The initial SmartLabs projects were inspired by previous Hiring Success Hackathon entries: a side-by-side resume carousel—now named SmartReview—and a Facebook Jobs integration for automated and free job postings.

SmartRecruiters believes that every candidate deserves to find his or her ideal job. As part of the company’s “innovation first” philosophy, SmartRecruiters is proud to announce that all candidate-facing page designs (career pages, job ads, etc.) have been optimized for WCAG v2.1 level AA compliance. Now, SmartRecruiters is equally usable and accessible by all people who rely on assistive tech to search for jobs.

SmartRecruiters also recently unveiled its latest CSR initiative: Reverse Recruiting. True to the company’s mission of connecting people to jobs at scale, SmartRecruiters will regularly host Reverse Recruiting (RR) days, where employees and partner participants support overlooked candidates struggling to find work by reviewing resumes, conducting mock interviews, and/or taking deep dives into specific roles to help candidates translate and sell their skills. Over 50 companies have pledged to host RR days in their respective offices.

With these three initiatives, SmartRecruiters aims to deliver a high-quality candidate experience that starts ahead of the application process, to continue fostering innovation with D&I at its core, and to empower end users with intuitive and modern technology that drives hiring success.

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