SmartRecruiters launches Job Advertising as a Service

San Francisco – October 4, 2020 – Managing effective job advertising is hard. Many companies struggle to allocate the optimal budget to their jobs and channels, typically wasting 30-50% of their budget. Employers either need to build in-house expertise (time consuming) or offload the responsibility to ad agencies (costly). But ad agencies and recruitment marketing vendors are missing approximately half of the data they need to optimize advertising, so companies continue to place the wrong bets on the wrong job boards and advertising channels. SmartRecruiters introduces a better way with SmartJobs, the industry’s first managed job ad service within a Talent Acquisition Suite, to close the long-standing advertising data gap and truly optimize returns from post to hire.

“SmartRecruiters posts about a million job ads a month on behalf of 4,000 companies and, as the Talent Acquisition Suite, we know exactly what works, all the way to who gets hired. This insight puts us in an ideal position to help customers optimize their job advertising spend, which they’ve been asking us to do for a long time,” says Jerome Ternynck, Founder and CEO of SmartRecruiters. Customers agree: “A service that uses ATS data to optimize ads and saves me from pulling levers on job posts all day is a no brainer,” says Caleb Sample, Head of Talent Acquisition at the Aspen Skiing Company.

SmartJobs is an end-to-end managed advertising solution, and the first in the industry to unlock the power of exclusive, post-to-hire data in one system. It makes job advertising smart and predictive. For example, if there are 10 candidates in the interview stage for a job, SmartJobs can automatically pause or stop advertising for this role, while boosting spend automatically for a role with a weaker pipeline.

Utilizing real-time data within the Talent Acquisition Suite, SmartJobs delivers:

  • More control to define your strategy and budget. Users are able to set budgets based on hiring priorities and let the SmartJobs team handle the rest. The managed service oversees & automates distribution so users save time selecting and buying media.
  • Less spend.SmartJobs puts TA professionals in the driver’s seat to identify the right channels for every job. Evaluate performance data and simply boost traffic to jobs that need it, and pause ads for jobs that don’t. It’s easy to shift spend between high and low to high performing channels.
  • Better candidates. Improve hiring outcomes by attracting better quality candidates, faster. Achieve increased Hiring Velocity from application to hire, so you attract the best talent for your jobs!

“From inside SmartRecruiters, ATS data will drive precision advertising based on real-time hiring needs. This is big news. We’re closing a 300 year old data gap between job ads and the hiring pipeline. The end game is to enable 10x targeting and cost improvements,” says Jim Milton, General Manager of Advertising at SmartRecruiters. Milton recently re-joined SmartRecruiters to lead the company’s SmartJobs service. Milton is a recruitment tech veteran with experience across sales, product marketing, and product strategy roles at companies such as TheLadders, LinkedIn, SelectMinds (Acquired by Taleo) and Oracle.

Learn more about how to take full control of your job advertising strategy with SmartJobs!

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