Why Data Privacy Matters in Hiring

San Francisco – January 28, 2021 – Today, SmartRecruiters celebrates Data Privacy Day – an international holiday highlighting the importance of businesses safeguarding privacy and data. It is especially critical for the recruiting industry, where fines for “data leakage” or non-compliance can cost millions. The reality is that companies process a high volume of candidate information, but many aren’t handling it properly. SmartRecruiters’ Talent Acquisition Suite is designed with privacy in mind to ensure customers are truly compliant in one central hiring platform. 

Many companies still struggle with outdated and clunky systems. Hiring teams don’t adopt the technology, and as a result, a lot of the process happens outside the system. Even the simple act of emailing a resume outside of a hiring platform is non-compliant and puts any company at risk. The solution is having a modern Talent Acquisition Suite that TA teams actually want to use so all the data remains in the system and compliant at all times. 

SmartRecruiters believes that Hiring Success starts and ends with great people. The company is committed to both connecting customers with top talent and protecting their candidate data. Data privacy is a top priority at SmartRecruiters, and the security team ensures that the platform stays ahead of the curve. All SmartRecruiters customers are GDPR compliant with data transfer protections and remain compliant in light of the recent changes with the Privacy shield

“Unlike first generation or legacy ATS solutions, SmartRecruiters TA Suite enables our customers to have a proactive approach to meeting privacy regulations and standards every where their businesses operate,” says Thouraya Mathlouthi, Data Protection Officer at SmartRecruiters. “This allows them to focus on hiring the best talent and to feel confident knowing our platform ensures safe & secure data processing.”

Learn more about SmartRecruiters commitment to security and data privacy. The company offers GDPR tools for Companies and many more resources to evaluate if your recruiting data is GDPR compliant. Happy Data Privacy Day!

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