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2018 Fall: Product Release


Reactive recruiting practices are not delivering results in today’s fierce war for talent. The top 10 corporations on the Dow Jones index, alone, lost $75 million on unfilled positions open for more than 30 days.1

Proactive sourcing, on the other hand, allows hiring teams to reduce time-to-hire, by staying ahead of demand with quality candidates always at your fingertips.

SmartRecruiters is proud to unveil SmartCRM, a native candidate relationship management technology, along with numerous other enhancements to our talent acquisition suite.


Talent pool development is one of the most influential drivers of hiring performance.2 Sourcing and recruitment marketing teams use CRM to hire faster while spending less, tapping into an existing network of passive quality talent immediately when relevant roles need to be filled.

SmartCRM is available as an Add-On product to our core ATS.
Key functionalities include:

  • Communities – Organize your prospective candidate pipeline into configurable talent pools
  • Email Campaigns – Nurture prospective applicants using dynamic rich messaging features
  • Lead Capture Forms – Elevate your recruitment marketing with engaging landing pages for prospects
  • Advanced Search & Filters – Discover and organize relevant talent from one universal search interface

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Committed to ongoing innovation, SmartRecruiters regularly delivers useful updates to our product at no additional cost to our customers. These Delightful Enhancements aim to provide you with a platform that stays at the forefront of high performing talent acquisition needs.


Streamline engagement and increase sourcing of internal talent (SmartMobility required)

  • Differentiate screening processes for external and internal applicants
  • Create and display a particular set of screening questions for internal candidates
Internal Screening


Manage consent within your candidate pool more effectively

  • Filter the People list and Applicant to identify candidates who haven’t provided consent
  • Request consent from up to 2,500 candidates in one action
  • Set a candidate’s consent status and trigger consent request via the Candidate API
Map Request Consent


Build custom reports quickly via expanded capabilities

  • Select, duplicate, and modify report content easily
  • Give extended users the ability to create, edit, and share reports
  • Give report creators the ability to share reports with users who have View Only access
  • Expanded report filters to include all of a company’s Job/Org Fields
  • Added Application Fields and Candidate Consent status as available data points
Report Builder


Lay the groundwork for a revamped candidate portal

  • Show candidates the full view of their portal, with ability to set a password immediately
Candidate Experience

Other Fall 2018 improvements include:

  • Rich text emails – Add inline images, rich text, and spell checker in multiple languages
  • Public fields on job ad – Display any public job field on the job’s ad
  • Audit API events – New events in 1) API key used to access company information, and
    2) New API key generated
  • Job location in interview wizard – Use the job’s location as the default location in the where field for new interviews vs. company HQ
  • Hired candidates deletion prevention – Block of ability for candidates in Hired status from withdrawing application or deleting profile
  • Ad-hoc reporting via Reporting API – Endpoint that will allow companies to run ad-hoc reports via API calls
  • User interface updates – Aspects of the platform refreshed to improve ease of use
  • New password requirements – User passwords must be validated against new rules to maintain security standards

View our Product Notes for more information on each of these features and enhancements,
or connect with your dedicated Customer Success Manager to learn more!

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