Latest release provides more tools for collaborative hiring

San Francisco – October 27, 2020- Remote hiring is the new normal. Building on the July 2020 release to optimize remote hiring, SmartRecruiters continues to innovate to help hiring teams navigate new waters. Whether teams are faced with resource constraints, applicant spikes, and/or remote transitions, collaboration among hiring teams is more important than ever. SmartRecruiters’ latest product release brings additional tools and functionality needed for collaborative hiring, particularly reporting and data insights to drive efficiency and better decision making. 

For companies faced with downsizing, internal mobility solutions have picked up momentum and for good reason — they help companies source amazing internal talent, keep people in jobs, and reduce sourcing costs. According to SHRM, redeployment is an effective alternative to downsizing, which can cost 1.5 to 2.5X the annual salary paid for each job. Companies can retain top talent with SmartRecruiters’ new dedicated portal for employees to discover internal career opportunities. The internal portal allows employees to build candidate profiles, apply to internal jobs, and track applications. The Jobs Match function helps employees uncover internal career paths and sends job match alerts. 

Many companies struggle to get the most out of their sourcing budget, typically wasting 30-50% of their budget. SmartRecruiters introduces SmartJobs, the industry’s first end-to-end managed job advertising solution within a Talent Acquisition Suite. SmartJobs will close the long-standing advertising data gap and truly optimize returns from post to hire. As the first in the industry to unlock the power of exclusive, post-to-hire data in one system, SmartJobs makes job advertising smart and predictive. 

One way to unlock efficiency in job advertising is through reliable performance tracking. The new Job Ad Tracking Pixel inserts tracking pixels to gather conversion insights on job ads. Gather conversion insights across different sources, brands, and jobs, so you can finally place your bets in the places you know will yield the best candidates.

Customers are excited for data insights to finally optimize job ads. “A service that uses ATS data to optimize ads and saves me from pulling levers on job posts all day is a no brainer,” says Caleb Sample, Head of Talent Acquisition at the Aspen Skiing Company.

For companies facing hiring slowdowns, recruiting teams need a way to pause the clock on dormant jobs and to accurately track hiring velocity. The highly-requested Jobs on Hold feature allows recruiters to put an active job on hold for as long as needed and reactivate at a later time. When calculating hiring velocity, the system will only count active days of recruiting, excluding days on hold for each job.

Lastly, every hiring team deserves insights into their performance without needing business intelligence resources. Enter the new Source-to-Hire Dashboards, a suite of on-demand dashboards covering crucial metrics from source to hire. With intuitive data and filters, users will also be able to slice and dice data to pinpoint opportunities for improvement in a few clicks. This release features two dashboards: 

  1. The Hiring Plan dashboard measures performance against hiring goals. It’s a high level view of metrics such as jobs filled and open positions across departments or brands in one easy-to-digest dashboard.
  2. The Hires dashboard allows customers to gain insight into the quality of new hires, hires through internal mobility or referrals, and sourcing channels performances.

The October 2020 release provides hiring teams the data and insights to work more collaboratively and focus on driving more impact with less spend. The release is available to all SmartRecruiters customers this Thursday, October 29th.

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