2018 Summer Release

A smarter way to source and engage talent pipelines!

Sourcing and converting applicants to hires is taking longer and costing employers more. On average, employers spend $4K per hire to fill open positions. Unfortunately, that number is rising because positions are going unfilled for longer, today.

SmartRecruiters is pleased to deliver new tools that give hiring teams an edge with their sourcing and candidate engagement efforts:


Smart Assistant is LIVE AND GA – Experience the industry’s first and only out-of-the-box, AI-powered recruiting assistant! Effectively and efficiently source top talent by using Smart Assistant to:

  • Screen high-volume inbound pipelines in seconds and surfaces the best candidate matches eliminating hours of manual screening work
  • Comb talent databases inside and outside your organization to locate top talent matches without spending budget on advertising or agencies.

LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect – Get deeper insights and enhanced cross-platform transparency and control when using LinkedIn Recruiter from with SmartRecruiters to source talent:

  • Enjoy 1-click export of LinkedIn candidate profiles into your SmartRecruiters Jobs
  • View candidate’s LinkedIn profiles from with SmartRecruiters
  • Reduce duplicate records and prioritize new leads by syncing records across both platforms
Smart Assistant


SmartProfiles is LIVE – Say goodbye to aging talent databases! SmartProfiles is a GDPR-compliant feature that lets candidates fully manage and control their personal data:

  • Candidates can modify, save, and push updated profile information and application data to all companies they’ve applied, notifying prospective employers of any changes, and
  • Employers enjoy data freshness – which means having up-to-date and accurate information about their entire talent database.

Prepare to be delighted!

As part of our world-class user experience, SmartRecruiters regularly delivers small, but powerfully useful updates to our product at no additional charge to customers. These “Delightful Enhancements” enable you to enjoy a platform that is responsive to industry trends, relevant to recruiting needs, and incredibly easy to use, year over year.

Our Summer 2018 Delightful Enhancements include the following:

  • Profile Export – Candidates can now enjoy data portability (GDPR compliance)
  • Internal Profiles & Portal – Give employees a great experience & promote internal career advancement
  • API Application Consent – Easily manage and monitor candidate consent via the Application API
  • New Report Builder Fields – New data points for reporting on Recruiter and Hiring Manager
  • Automatic Hiring Process Updates – Change an org field? Now, it’s reflected in your workflow
  • Limited Hiring Team Role – Add a user to the hiring team with appropriate permissions
  • New filters for Access Groups and more!

View our Product Notes for more information on each of these features and enhancements,
or connect with your dedicated Customer Success Manager to learn more!

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