First Ever Hiring App to Help Customers Win Talent War

SmartRecruiters Hiring App available to download for free from the Apple iTunes store.

Wednesday, February 12 2014, SAN FRANCISCO, CA. SmartRecruiters, the hiring platform to source, engage and hire top talent, today announced the release of the first ever hiring app for the iPhone. The SmartRecruiters Hiring App allows existing customers to manage their hiring process on the go and ultimately hire top talent in a much more efficient way.

Mobile means real time and business happens in real time. Hiring top talent is every managers top priority so it must happen at the same pace to win the talent war.  

With this need, SmartRecruiters launched the Hiring app to give its 60,000 customers the ability to collaborate in real time, make a difference and hire top talent in a much faster and efficient way. With the Hiring app users can access their very own personalized feed called HireLoop. HireLoop empowers managers and recruiters to stay informed and connected with both hiring teams and candidates on the go and in real time.

The Hiring app allows hiring managers and recruiters to:  

  • Gain insights into their hiring activity in real time

  • Access and share full candidate profiles and resumes as they come in

  • Rate and review candidates on the go

  • Collaborate with hiring team members during the entire review process

  • Review feedback and ratings on each candidate as they happen

  • Contact candidates via SMS, phone or through social channels and schedule interviews

  • Reject candidates that don’t fit

“We are extremely proud to be launching the first ever hiring app. Finding and hiring top talent is every hiring managers most important priority. We all know how difficult it is to grab the attention of top talent, so engaging with your best potential hires in real time is a must for your business” said Maksim Ovsyannikov, SVP Product at SmartRecruiters. 

“With SmartRecruiters Hiring app, we now help connect candidates to hiring managers in real time,” Ovsyannikov added.

SmartRecruiters Hiring App is available to download for free from iTunes.  First time SmartRecruiters users can simply create a free account before logging into the app.

“I love SmartRecruiters’ hiring platform, and I am looking forward to hiring on the go,” says Rich Rubin Manager of Recruiting and Employment, PRG.

SmartRecruiters is used by over 60,000+ organizations and has helped create over 350,000 jobs.


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SmartRecruiters enables Hiring Without Boundaries™ by freeing talent acquisition teams from legacy applicant tracking software. SmartRecruiters' next-generation platform serves as the hiring operating system for 4,000 customers like Bosch, LinkedIn, Skechers, and Visa. Companies with business-critical hiring needs turn to SmartRecruiters for best-of-breed functionality, world-class support, and a robust ecosystem of third-party applications and service providers.

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