How to hire more efficiently in 2021

San Francisco – February 4, 2021- Efficiency is the name of the game in 2021. As candidate volumes increase globally and TA teams operate with tighter resources, it’s critical to help recruiters do more with less. Hiring teams need tools that automate time-consuming tasks and simplify processes, while also providing a quality candidate experience. SmartRecruiters’ latest release includes intelligence-assisted features to bring scale and efficiency through all stages of the hiring process.

Cut down sourcing time & costs: SmartAssistant Talent Discovery quickly surfaces quality candidates within internal databases, drastically cutting down sourcing time and spend for premium job boards. The feature uses native AI-powered matching to discover top talent, including past candidates who can be great fits for new roles. Recruiters can quickly identify top applicants based on skills, experience and qualifications. For example, recruiters can now view candidates with “uncommon paths” – those who may not have the traditional experience or path for a job but have the right skill sets. This helps uncover candidates with more diverse backgrounds and who may traditionally go unnoticed.

Eliminate repetitive tasks: With 4X candidate volume and limited budget & headcount, automation is the only way to keep up and continue to offer great experiences to everyone. SmartPal is a recruiting chatbot that engages talent with meaningful conversations, saving recruiters’ time spent on answering repetitive questions. By embedding a conversational layer on top of SmartRecruiters’ core workflow engine, SmartPal converts candidates 3x better and enables recruiters to focus on more strategic tasks. Not to mention it has a glowing 93% approval rating from candidates!

Remove manual processes: It’s time to get rid of manual hiring processes, and that includes offer letters. Offer Clause Management allows recruiters to make changes to offer letters without having to manually edit and risk error. Simply create pick lists to standardize the process into a breeze.  Examples include adjusting a signing bonus, benefits enrollment, or other variable pay.

Standardize one-off candidate requests: Getting additional candidate information can historically be a hassle with one-off emails, which isn’t scaleable or feasible if you’re hiring a lot of candidates at once. Custom forms allow hiring teams to collect candidate information they need in a more standardized manner. Recruiters can collect info such as job references, past driving history, or a new hire’s shirt size for company swag.

Make remote interviews easy- Fulfilling a highly-requested feature from customers, the video integration allows Microsoft Teams meeting links and Google Meet links where calendar integrations are in place. Hiring teams can request video links for interviews directly from the Interview Schedule interface.

Customers are raving about the new functionality. “We’re super excited about the January release, especially the launch of the video interview integration! We have been using Microsoft Teams for almost all of our interviews, and we are doing our best to replicate the in-person experience in light of the pandemic,” shares Stella Coulson, Sr. Manager of Talent Operations at FireEye. “This feature is a very relevant and timely enhancement, and will prove invaluable for streamlining the scheduling process.” 

The new release is available to all SmartRecruiters customers today.

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