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Hiring Success IS business success.

SAN FRANCISCO – February 11, 2020, 8:00 AM PST: HR technology leader, Jerome Ternynck, announced to 1,200 talent acquisition executives at his company’s annual conference the release of Hiring Success: How Visionary CEOs Compete for the Best Talent. 

This is the first book by Ternynck, a pioneer in applicant tracking systems with 30 years in the industry and three successful exits. He is currently the Founder & CEO of SmartRecruiters, the world’s most modern and enterprise-grade recruiting platform.

Ternynck is on a mission to connect people to jobs at scale, by solving search friction between job seekers and businesses around the globe. After all, the ability to hire exceptional talent is the true sustainable differentiator for any business to compete and thrive.

Rapidly-changing market conditions make this an interesting challenge to overcome: Specialized jobs are creating a skills gap, where a Korn Ferry report estimates that demand for skilled workers will surpass supply by over 85 million people in 2030; remote work is trending, because gone are the days when companies hire exclusively from the local talent pool; and tenure is dropping after hires are made, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting that workers remain at each job for an average of 4.5 years. For younger workers, it’s half that.

Is it surprising, then, that a recent study by PricewaterhouseCoopers found that 77% of CEOs see hiring for key skills as one of the biggest threats to their business? 

“I wrote this book for the executive who has significant power to change the way recruiting is done at their company—but until now has lacked the right strategy and tools.” said Jerome Ternynck. “Recruiting must be treated as an investment rather than a cost center to drive meaningful change.” 

This book shows CEOs how to achieve hiring success through stories and actionable examples of other reputable businesses that Ternynck has worked with, including many on the Fortune 500.

As hiring models evolved — from staffing, to recruiting, talent acquisition, and now hiring success — to support the fourth industrial revolution, CEOs are more ready than ever to embrace the importance of hiring. Hiring Success enables CEOs to strategize, take action, and win in today’s competitive talent market.

Hiring Success is now available for purchase on Amazon

About the Author

Jerome Ternynck is on a mission to connect people to jobs at scale and remove friction in the labor market. He is an entrepreneur with his heart in recruiting and soul in technology who currently serves as founder and CEO of Silicon Valley-based SmartRecruiters, a global talent acquisition suite rated as the most strategic provider by industry analysts. Jerome has thirty years of experience building award-winning enterprise recruiting software, during which time he pioneered applicant tracking systems and achieved three successful exits. He is recognized as a thought leader in the industry and has been named a top HRTech influencer year after year.

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As a global leader in enterprise recruitment software, SmartRecruiters offers a cloud-based global Talent Acquisition Suite that allows teams to attract, select, and hire the best talent. 4,000 companies worldwide rely on SmartRecruiters to achieve hiring success—including brands like Bosch, LinkedIn, Skechers, and Visa—using recruitment marketing, CRM, AI, ATS, and a marketplace of 600+ connected vendors all within one scalable platform.

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