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Talent acquisition (TA) leaders are demanding a change in the industry narrative: from being historically viewed as a back office HR function driven by faster/cheaper metrics to a customer facing, value-driven function measured on business outcomes. To drive the transformation, SmartRecruiters proudly announces the launch of a thought leadership hub that focuses solely on the strategic, actionable content needs of the talent acquisition community at With the goal of elevating TA leaders as strategic partners to the business, has been created to shine a light on the methodology and concepts that TA leaders have successfully applied to step up their recruiting capabilities. You won’t find a product demo or vendor pitches, only thought-provoking insights. 

The site receives a record breaking number of visitors – over 115,000 to be exact – of talent acquisition leaders who are sharing best practices, networking, and keeping up with the latest hiring trends. With 15-20 new pieces of content released monthly by subject matter experts, is developed “by the industry, for the industry.” 

Formed around the principles of Hiring Success®, provides unprecedented access to resources that enable the world’s best organizations to transform their Talent Acquisition function from a cost-center to a strategic difference maker. You can find the latest & greatest insights on: remote hiring, high volume hiring, employer branding, advertising strategy, change management, and much more.

In anticipation of Global Diversity Awareness month in October, will be featuring insights from talent acquisition leaders dedicated to fighting inequality through recruiting. These insights will showcase best practices from hiring teams that have demonstrated an ability to help individuals circumnavigate systemic inequalities in the hiring process. The site will also launch a new Master Class lesson on the topic so that you, too, can extend the opportunity to others.

Alongside cutting edge industry content, also houses timeless resources that dive deeper into the Hiring Success® methodology:

  • Hiring Success Master Class – With over 6,500 TA professionals participating to date, it’s a can’t miss.  Workshops offering a deep dive into best practices across the Talent Acquisition landscape, including talent attraction strategies, leveraging CRM, ideal interview scorecards, process optimization, and more.
  • The Definitive Guide to Hiring Success: The playbook for modern TA leaders to future-proof their organizations by guiding them through each step of the Hiring Success methodology along with real examples of organizations that transformed their talent function to create lasting impact.
  • Hiring Success: How Visionary CEOs Compete for the Best Talent: Jerome Ternynck’s recent best-selling book packs 30 years of learnings that have transformed the way companies hire. CEOs who recognize the importance of competing for top talent at a global scale will walk away with the ability to attract, select, and hire the best on demand – to achieve hiring success now and in the future. 

Join our community and lead the conversation to take TA to the next level! Do you have something to say when it comes to how businesses can incorporate more diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) into their recruiting function? is always looking for insights from forward-thinking leaders and professionals. Submit your ideas or sign up for the newsletter to help shape the future of recruiting!

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