Northwestern Transforms Healthcare Recruiting during COVID Pandemic

San Francisco – January 12, 2020 – In the latest article from, SmartRecruiters talks with TA Expert Berni Szczepanski, VP of HR for Northwestern Memorial Healthcare, about the biggest challenges and opportunities of healthcare recruiting. Berni outlines her plans to change the industry for good in a time of rapid acceleration and a global pandemic.

“For too long, “ says Berni, “healthcare recruiting has been seen as a transactional function, but the landscape is changing, and we’re going to drive that change.” 

So who is Berni, and why is she leading this charge?

Berni rose through the ranks of HR from a desk assistant pre-screening resumes to her current role managing over 30,000 employees. Her pioneering work in recruiting and retention strategies has earned her national accolades by both the AARP and Modern Healthcare Best Employers. Now she’s taken the lead on implementing a modern Talent Acquisition Suite at one of the largest academic healthcare systems in the US. And after just six months, Northwestern has already seen promising results—even with unexpected hiring surges due to COVID-19. 

Read the full story to find out how Bernie and Northwestern are on the path to Hiring Success!

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