SmartRecruiters Announces Comprehensive Third Quarter Product Release

San Francisco – October 27, 2022 – Today, SmartRecruiters announced the availability of its latest quarterly product release. This release was fueled by over 1,300 user feedback submissions. It adds a wide range of capabilities that provide candidates with a better experience and enhances both the recruiter and hiring manager’s ability to attract, select, and hire top talent at scale.

Earlier this quarter, the company announced its SmartRecruiters’ Community, providing a place for all users to share tips and solutions, learn about product news and upcoming events, and access resources like the Help Center and SmartRecruiters University. This quarter, SmartRecruiters introduced 46 more enhancements across its Talent Acquisition Suite.

SmartRecruit Enhancements

Power your core ATS with key updates to collaboration, compliance, and workflow automation.

Manage Report Access Groups

Companies need to leverage the data in Report Builder for driving business outcomes, learning, and optimization without compromising sensitive candidate information.

With an enhanced permission feature in Report Builder, customers can configure access groups by country, brand, department, or any other org field. Once created, report recipients will only see the data relevant to their access groups. More employees can access powerful data while admins can rest assured that sensitive candidate information is kept secure.

Enriched DocuSign Integration

TA teams need to keep up the momentum at the offer stage to ensure optimum candidate conversion, there’s no time for status update lags or admin redundancies. 

Now more employees can harness the power of data while sensitive candidate information remains secure. The new integration with DocuSign limits delays, improves security, protects sensitive data, and makes the consent process smoother for users of SmartRecruiters.

Scaling Job Field Values

Customers need to scale efficiently. Something as simple as insufficient job field values can cascade into HRIS integration headaches and long loading times for hiring teams creating and managing jobs. 

Now, users get 12,000 total values with a maximum of 10,000 active values by default. With these increases, customers will experience a smoother HRIS integration process and enough space to create the correct job fields plus faster loading time when creating or managing a job.


Employee Portal Enhancements

Enhance your employee portal experience with key configurations and optimizations.

Configure Employee Portal

Most customers want a one-stop-shop for Employees to manage anything career-related, but some customers want to use Employee Portal for referrals only, and others want to use it only for internal mobility.

Employer platform now supports “Internal Mobility & Referrals” (default), “Internal Mobility Only,” or “Referrals Only.” Customers can configure their employee platform to support their hiring goals.

Auto-Recognize Employees’ Email Address

Referral incentive programs are a great way to turn your employees into a source of hire but it can be hard to ensure that HR has the info to compensate the referrers fairly.

When employees use the external career site to make a referral and use their company email address, the candidate will be marked as an internal referral and the employee’s information will flow into the referrals dataset. This way the recruiter knows the candidate is an internal referral and the referrer gets compensated in the case that their referral is successful. When employee email addresses are auto-recognized for internal referrals, recruiters can identify the source of referral to initiate the correct hiring processes and save time in matching referrals to employees.


SmartOnboard Enhancements

Maturing our newest product with robust compliance features that promote collaboration.

Custom Onboarding Reports

Teams need to understand their performance during the crucial stage of hiring which is onboarding. Companies with strong onboarding improve new hire retention by 82% and productivity by over 70%.

It is now possible to draw data related to your organization’s onboarding process for custom reports in Report Builder. Customers can now better understand the effectiveness of their onboarding processes with the metrics that matter to them.

Optimize Roles in SmartOnboard 

The onboarding team needs to directly access relevant info without compromising any sensitive candidate data.

Extended default roles in the ATS now have access to content creation and onboarding process management, but will not see new hires’ submissions marked as containing sensitive data. Create a great onboarding experience by giving your team easy access to the information they need while ensuring sensitive data remains protected. 

Fill Web Forms in SmartOnboard Without a New Tab

Onboarding comes with a lot of paperwork but we want to make it as easy as possible for both new hires and recruiters. And to create a smooth process, UI matters.

Recruiters can now review the forms in the SmartOnboard UI – no need to download them. Paperwork doesn’t have to be a pain point with onboarding, updates to the SmartOnboard UI will make the process smoother and more efficient. 


SmartCRM Enhancements

Engage your talent communities more efficiently with optimized workflows and UI updates.

Schedule Automatic Connected Searches

Customers want their talent pools to stay fresh without taking on extra manual tasks.

Connected Searches can now be scheduled and run automatically. Customers can set up an automated workflow that adds prospects from their SmartRecruiters candidate pool to communities based on a defined rule set. Save time on manual searches for recurring roles and make sure your talent pools stay fresh and active.

Application Status Badges

Recruiters and sourcers need an easy way to see if prospects are already active in the hiring process. This may determine whether a campaign is relevant to them.

Prospects who have previously been hired or who have active applications will stand out on the community list tab with respective badges. This will help recruiters and sourcers select relevant prospects for openings and campaigns.  Application status badges make it easier to select relevant prospects for openings and campaigns.

Hyperlinks in Campaign Images

Recruiters and sourcers want their campaigns to be sleek and interactive for prospects.

Images in campaigns are now clickable. Recruiters and sourcers can easily add links to images in campaigns.

CV Bulk Upload

The administrative burden of uploading one resume at a time is too heavy for busy recruiters.

Now users can upload up to 50 resumes at once into a community. Resumes are still parsed one by one and after confirmation prospect profiles are created in the respective community. Bulk resume uploads empower recruiters and sourcers with a more efficient workflow – saving 30 seconds per batch of 50.

Improve Language for Consent Emails

Language matters! Customers want to stay on brand for consent emails within campaigns.

Language choices input by customers for consent emails will now apply to CRM campaigns. Customers have more control over their brand with bespoke language in their consent emails.


SmartPal Enhancements

Your recruiting chatbot just got even more delightful to use with these candidate experience updates.

Danish Language Addition

Companies want to engage with candidates in their language of choice. SmartPal language support has now been extended to support Danish. 

Customers who have sizable operations in Denmark can now deploy chatbots in Danish and improve engagement with prospective candidates via SmartPal. The system’s language processing capabilities along with the associated NLP support, translation of chatbot dialogues, and FAQ starter set are complete.

Configurable Org Fields for Job Discovery

Options for Job Discovery criteria were previously set in predefined SmartRecruiters’ org fields. 

Customers can now include custom fields to help candidates find relevant opportunities in the SmartPal chatbot with helpful keywords configured in SmartRecrutiers org fields.

Customizable URLs

Users want to link to their custom job pages from SmartPal. 

Now, all customers can open “more info” links using a standard SmartRecruiters Job Ad or a custom page, offering candidates an experience more closely aligned with an employer’s brand.


Advertising Enhancements

Smarter ad placement for increased traffic and more efficient budget spending.

Boost UK

Manually advertising on job boards may not yield the best results in terms of the quantity and quality of candidates. Customers who post jobs in the UK can now purchase ad-hoc programmatic job advertising the same way they can purchase single advertisements through SmartRecruiters’ Job Board Marketplace.

With Boost, job ads will be automatically surfaced on boards where they are most likely to get high-volume traffic that’s relevant. When previously released in North America, boosted jobs saw candidate volume rise by over 200% and boosted candidates were 150% more likely to make it to the interview, offer, or hire stage.


SmartRecruiters Community Enhancements

Drive your product experience with on-demand information and networking opportunities.

SmartRecruiters Community

Empowering customers with on-demand information and networking opportunities allows them to drive their own product experience with other people in the TA space. The SmartRecruiters Community is an interactive platform where customers can ask questions, start discussions, find information and training, connect with SmartRecruiters experts, and get inspired by other customers. It encompasses the following:

  1. Discussion board: Start or add to conversations on industry or product topics. *Premium feature for paid customers
  2. Insight & Answers: Search the knowledge base, help center, and discussion boards for answers and advice
  3. Events: See upcoming events and training webinars *Premium feature for paid customers.
  4. SmartIdeas: Share feature ideas or user challenges with the product team
  5. Design lab: Find opportunities to participate in product research


To learn more about all updates and enhancements included in the Q3 product release by visiting our What’s New page.

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