SmartRecruiters Announces Annual Hiring Success Conference Award Nominees

Award winners will be announced following the conference

San Francisco – March 14, 2017 – SmartRecruiters, the leading provider of recruiting solutions, today announced the annual SmartRecruiters Awards, recognizing excellence in talent acquisition. The five awards focus on different aspects of what it takes to succeed in today’s talent economy. Together they provide a template and set of case studies for transformative results in every company’s most important process: recruiting great talent.

SmartRecruiters will grant the following five awards:

Best Quality of Hire: Recognizes companies that put the maximum amount of thought and passion into the candidate selection process. These companies pay close attention to the effectiveness of their sourcing tactics and diversity of candidates moving into the interview rounds and are extremely efficient from offer to hire. The winner will have a thorough and consistent hiring process that allows the organization to source, identify, interview and hire the best talent. Nominees for this award include Square, Pluralsight, Equinox and Optiv.

Best Platform Development: Recognizes that transformative talent acquisition requires the process enablement that comes from a Talent Acquisition Suite like SmartRecruiters. The award for Best Platform Deployment will recognize a company that has crisply and engagingly implemented the SmartRecruiters platform. The winner will have envisioned a future-state hiring process, rolled out the SmartRecruiters platform to enable it, integrated internally and externally, and successfully brought all stakeholders into the fold. Nominees for this award include Alcoa, Visa, Avery Dennison and Bosch.

Best Hiring Engagement: Collaboration across hiring teams and especially with hiring managers has long been a hurdle for talent acquisition teams. The Best Hiring Engagement award will recognize a team that has transformed this reality by making it easy for hiring managers to engage in the recruiting and vetting process. The winner will have a controlled yet accessible process that makes it easy for hiring managers to collaborate with their hiring team. Speed of feedback, use of scorecards, and elimination of workarounds are hallmarks of success. Nominees for this award are Square, Scality, Atlassian and Ancestry.

Best Candidate Experience: Marketing to qualified candidates is the starting point of recruiting excellence. The award for Best Candidate Experience will recognize a talent acquisition team that makes it easy for high- quality candidates to learn about opportunities, to engage in a way that respects them and builds the employer brand, that makes it easy for them to apply, and that facilitates clear communication throughout the recruiting process. Nominees for this award include Equinox, Foster Farms, Bosch and Pluralsight.

Hiring Team of the Year: Quality of hire is the ultimate goal of transformative recruiting, making Hiring Team of the Year the ultimate SmartRecruiters Award. Accordingly, the award for Hiring Team of the Year will be based on the hiring score, an NPS-like measure for quality of hire. This award will recognize a talent acquisition team that has succeeded in delivering a consistently elevated hiring score and is therefore delivering on the promise of Hiring Success. Nominees for this award are Indigo, Gameloft, Visa and MicroStrategy.

“We are excited to announce the second annual SmartRecruiters Awards,” said Jerome Ternynck, CEO of SmartRecruiters. “We are looking forward to recognizing the companies which are the best of the best in transforming their talent acquisition programs. As a result of this recognition, the best practices they exemplify can serve as models for other organizations seeking to make their talent acquisition efforts more successful, efficient and effective.”

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