SmartRecruiters Announces ATS Upgrade Program

Program offers buyout of existing contract to reduce costs and accelerate path to Hiring Success

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (June 9, 2020) – SmartRecruiters is incentivizing talent acquisition leaders to drive technological change. The company is excited to announce the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Upgrade program, a stimulus package designed to help businesses that want to take advantage of the hiring slowdown to upgrade their ATS and reduce costs. With an estimated 300 million jobs lost globally in recent months (source), job demand and hiring needs will rise as we return to work. Companies who modernize their talent acquisition function and streamline costs will be better equipped to meet the new economy’s hiring needs. To further incentive businesses to make the switch now, the program offers contract buyouts and zero transition costs.

“Most Talent Acquisition leaders have wanted to upgrade their outdated ATS for years but didn’t have the time while hiring at a frantic pace. Now they have the opportunity and this program makes it a no-brainer financially to improve their hiring,” says Jerome Ternynck, Founder and CEO of SmartRecruiters. Customers also agree: “To us, SmartRecruiters means accelerating our success to grow our business by giving us quality, control, reduced costs, and an improved candidate experience,” says the Head of EMEA People Transformation at Colliers International.

Upgrading your ATS with SmartRecruiters drives significant technology, sourcing, and people savings:

  • Technology Savings
    • Organizations can reduce systems costs of at least 25 percent when switching to a talent acquisition suite that consolidates all of their tools including ATS, CRM, AI, Job distribution, Mobile Apply, Recruitment Marketing, and Texting. Additionally, they can completely eliminate integration costs as SmartRecruiters is pre-integrated with all major HRIS systems and over 600 third party vendors.
  • Sourcing Savings
    • By leveraging SR modern talent attraction capabilities, industry leading conversions, and a native CRM for talent pipelining, companies are able to significantly reduce spend across job advertising, agencies and direct sourcing. Customers have happily regained up to 4x returns on advertising dollars and 75 percent reductions in sourcing costs.
  • People Savings
    • Many companies are experiencing a surge in candidate applications per job which requires more resume screening time for your hiring teams. Save entire days of work with AI and Screening questions to help find the best candidates faster. Additionally, SmartRecruiters helps streamline Hiring Team workflows and automates admin tasks, helping many organizations more than double their hiring efficiency.

Aside from immediate cost savings, organizations will achieve cost avoidance and long term business benefits:

  • Organizations should be able to adapt quickly during this time without incurring extra fees. Drive cost avoidance with Internal Mobility capabilities that encourage employee retention rather than resignations or redundancies. Companies can also make org or process changes easily and our global compliance features ensure you meet local regulatory / data privacy requirements and avoid unnecessary fines.
  • Enjoy the business benefits of delivering Hiring Success: convert your Hiring budget into an investment that delivers return vs. a cost center, achieve Hiring velocity that allows you to hire people when you need them to drive business velocity, and elevate your Net Hiring Score to hire better people who drive greater productivity for the entire business.

All organizations looking to take advantage of the ATS Upgrade program offer can learn more to see if they qualify.

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