SmartRecruiters Announces Talent Acquisition Platform Fall 2017 Product Release

Talent Acquisition Platform Extends Ecosystem, Connecting Global Enterprises with Candidates and Customers via Facebook, Google and Slack

SAN FRANCISCO — Thu Oct. 26, 2017 6:00 AM PT – SmartRecruiters today announced its Fall 2017 product release, including a range of enhancements to the company’s talent acquisition platform. The Fall 2017 product release delivers significant upgrades to the SmartRecruiters solution, including connecting companies with candidates via Facebook, Google Jobs Search and Slack. In addition, SmartRecruiters is providing hiring organizations with greater flexibility and control in the recruiting process with new “Defer Candidate” and “Delayed Rejection” functionality.

The latest upgrades from SmartRecruiters provide global enterprises with an even richer suite of tools for driving greater value from the recruiting process while expediting the sourcing and hiring of quality candidates.

“There are several pillars to success in hiring, and candidate experience is arguably one of the most important,” commented Rebecca Carr, Vice President of Product for SmartRecruiters. “By partnering with platforms that candidates touch every day – such as Facebook and Google Jobs Search – we are making it easier for quality candidates to discover, and then get connected to, great jobs.”

The SmartRecruiters Fall 2017 release enhancements include:

  • Facebook – To facilitate deeper connections with Facebook, SmartRecruiters continues to support customers with an out-of-the-box Facebook app, full “Share to” functionalities, and most recently, support of targeted advertising campaigns through the SmartRecruiters Marketplace team.
  • Google Jobs Search – The power of Google search helps candidates more easily find jobs and get connected with top-tier employer brands. SmartRecruiters’ Alpha partnership with Google and preferred access to Google Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) means that jobs are more easily discovered by candidates. SmartRecruiters will also provide improved access to detailed job information, including geographic and commute data via Google Maps, with all SmartRecruiters job ads. With new Google Job Search functionality, candidates won’t have to navigate cumbersome job boards to find relevant opportunities, resulting in an overall better experience that leads to more completed job applications.
  • Slack – The SmartRecruiters API now facilitates collaboration across hiring teams by enabling automatic creation of job channels based on hiring teams and “unfurling links” via the Slack app, providing direct access to candidate and job profiles for recruiters, hiring managers and interviewers. This enhanced Slack functionality reduces clicks and switching between multiple platforms and facilitates hiring team conversations with a single click.
  • Defer Candidate – Hiring organizations can now resurface candidates at the appropriate time within the SmartRecruiters platform without relying on an externally-triggered reminder. For example, this can include setting reminders about MBA students set to graduate in order to keep a company’s candidate pipeline relevant and to be assured that important candidates and leads are being resurfaced at the appropriate time.
  • Delayed Rejection – This upgrade to the SmartRecruiters Rejections feature enables recruiters to delay a rejection email to a candidate, so that candidates have a feeling that their resumes are thoroughly evaluated and not “screened by a robot,” giving recruiters enhanced ability to deliver a positive candidate experience.
  • Amazon Alexa – SmartRecruiters is excited to integrate Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant into our candidate platform to make it easier for candidates who use Echo to check their application status and send messages to recruiters using Alexa voice commands. This feature will be accessible to everyone at the start of next year and is currently on available to select users.

In addition, the Fall 2017 SmartRecruiters product release delivers strengthened “Screening Automation” functionality, with enhanced screening questions that expedite the candidate vetting process.

SmartRecruiters is also adding more languages to the platform’s back office functionality, including traditional Chinese, Hungarian, Japanese, Portuguese and Slovak, on top of the 12 other languages it currently supports, and is adding new candidate languages, including Greek, Indonesian and Ukrainian, to the 29 other candidate languages currently supported.

“SmartRecruiters is continually striving to become the ‘Recruiting OS’ for global enterprises,” said CEO Jerome Ternynck. “This means an investment in the SmartRecruiters ecosystem is designed to truly drive the online engagement that connects leading brands, candidates and innovative companies for the benefit of all.”

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