SmartRecruiters Announces Q2 2021 Product Release

Release includes enhancements to SmartPal and SmartCRM, and launch of new Scorecard Library

San Francisco – July 29, 2021 – SmartRecruiters, the Hiring Success Company, today announced its latest product release. With powerful new enhancements that focus on improving productivity within the system while simultaneously facilitating greater ease of use, the latest product release delivers enhanced functionality that extends and augments what’s already the market’s most comprehensive talent acquisition suite. 

One of the most prominent enhancements announced by SmartRecruiters is bringing self-scheduling to SmartPal, allowing recruiters to outsource and automate candidate interview requests. Recruiters can trigger a request to self-schedule interviews, which will be sent directly to the candidate through the SmartPal chatbot on WhatsApp and/or SMS.

Another series of enhancements to SmartCRM are designed to make it easier for recruiters to collect and organize important lead capture information while quickly being able to navigate through their CRM database. Recruiters can now incorporate screener questions into lead capture forms and apply tags for segmentation. They can also easily filter communities by org field values.

SmartRecruiters’ latest release also debuted the Scorecard Library. With this latest feature, administrators can manage their own scorecard criteria to ensure consistency in candidate evaluations. Users will be able to define new criteria, add questions as needed, and select which jobs these criteria are applicable to. Admins can also allow users to edit criteria directly at the job level, if needed. Finally, all these criteria are organized under one repository and can be filtered based on chosen org fields.

In addition, several updates were made based on customer feedback. Custom email domains are now available so that users can enable emails from the SmartRecruiters’ platform to be sent from personalized domains to align with their brand standards. In the hiring app, users are now able to access a mobile task viewer on-the-go, making it easier to stay organized, up-to-date, and on top of all approvals.

Learn more about these and the other features from SmartRecruiters’ latest quarterly product launch here.

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