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SmartRecruiters Announces Recruiting AI

Recruiting software leader SmartRecruiters pioneers AI technology, increasing efficiency and
transparency in hiring process and creating deeper human connections

SAN FRANCISCO — April 12, 2017 — SmartRecruiters , the Hiring Success Company, today
announced Recruiting AI. Part of the company’s modern talent acquisition suite, Recruiting AI
uses artificial intelligence to process enormous volumes of recruiting data and then interprets
that data to detect patterns that help recruiters make better decisions.

Current applicant tracking systems support basic workflows and tracking but deter candidates
with poor application experiences and limited marketing capabilities. They also overwhelm
recruiters with mundane tasks that decrease efficiency and reduce the time spent with

Announced at SmartRecruiters’ two-day Hiring Success 17 conference in San Francisco—one
of the recruiting industry’s most notable events of the year—Recruiting AI applies data science
to detect patterns and provide intelligent recommendations to hiring teams. In practice, this
means companies can now use AI and machine learning technologies to discover, screen and
score candidates, making the entire process more efficient.

Making recruiting ‘human’ again

“Tens of thousands of recruiters worldwide miss out on great hires because they’re
overwhelmed with manual tasks that could easily be automated through AI technologies like
ours,” explained Kristopher Osborne, Global Talent Acquisition Leader at SmartRecruiters. “By
optimizing performance through machine learning, we remove those burdens from recruiters,
who can then spend more time actually interacting with candidates and colleagues to make
better decisions. What we’re really doing is making recruiting more ‘human’ again.”

Recruiting AI helps recruiters save significant time and money while increasing candidate
quality, driving employee mobility and improving diversity hiring.

Recruiting AI allows recruiters to:

  • “Smart” screen candidates: Automatically analyzes, scores and ranks incoming
    resumés based on both hard and soft skills that match the profile of the job. Applications
    are also enriched with additional data to add context to CV elements, such as
    information on previous employers and education.
  • Discover new matches: Through dynamic candidate recommendations and smart
    feedback loops, the technology enables recruiters to match the right candidate to the
    right role. Recruiting AI will also examine job openings to find other jobs suitable for the
    candidate, helping recruiters to improve sourcing across the organization. Suitable
    internal candidates will also be identified, which encourages internal role development
    and employee retention.
  • Market job opportunities: Recruiting AI will analyze jobs and make suggestions to
    improve the reach and quality of incoming resumés. Recruiters can go beyond their
    existing talent pool to seek out new potential hires through a job seeker-side
    recommendation engine—a candidate portal which matches people to new jobs—and
    directly target likely candidates.
  • Avoid unintentional bias: While recruiters may be biased, usually unintentionally,,
    artificial intelligence is not. Recruiting AI uses predictive analytics to blindly determine
    which candidates best fit a specific job, thus creating a more diverse and effective

“Prevailing recruiting methods are incredibly inefficient,” Hessam Lavi, Director of Product at
SmartRecruiters, explained. “But AI, machine learning and data technologies are primed to
disrupt the status quo. This transformative change will help us continue our mission to connect
companies with great candidates, at scale.”

SmartRecruiters CEO Jerome Ternynck added, “By harnessing AI, we make recruiting about
people again. When recruiters stop wasting time, they can focus on their actual job: hiring
outstanding talent. That’s going to dramatically enhance internal company diversity and make it
far easier for candidates and companies to succeed.”

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