SmartRecruiters Announces Spring ’16 Release of Its Enterprise Talent Acquisition Platform

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SmartRecruiters, the Hiring Success Company, today announced the Spring 2016 release of its industry-leading Talent Acquisition Platform. The new release features over 16 significant new capabilities across the platform, highlighted by major enhancements to its Hiring Success Analytics, providing fingertip access to the KPIs that recruiting and HR professionals need.

“With our latest platform release, we are once again demonstrating that SmartRecruiters’ innovation, driven by customer demand, leads the industry,” said SmartRecruiters CEO Jerome Ternynck. He added, “In 15 months, we have delivered over 100 incremental capabilities to our customers, representing a rate of innovation that HR professionals have never seen. I am particularly pleased by our customers’ excitement with our Hiring Success analytics, because for the first time, all of their key KPIs are easy to see, understand and share.”

The latest release of SmartRecruiters’ Hiring Success Analytics is the most open approach to data sharing in the industry:

  • Hiring Plan Analytics – Customers now have visibility into where they stand against their hiring plans, can easily monitor progress in real time, and can intervene at the appropriate recruiter, hiring manager, department or job level to address shortfalls.
  • Pipeline Performance Analytics – Customers can better understand their key conversion rates across the stages of their hiring process by organization, recruiter or location. They can identify bottlenecks and, as a result, can address stalled candidates or process breakdowns across their organization.
  • Reporting API – SmartRecruiters believes that data should go easily where it needs to and provides a robust reporting API that allows organizations to access and analyze all of their data in the third-party business intelligence tool of their choice.
  • Tableau Connector – For additional ad hoc analysis and visualizations of their hiring success data, customers are now able to easily sync their SmartRecruiters data with Tableau, a leading provider of business intelligence software.

“Hiring plan and pipeline performance analytics are a total game-changer for us,” said Ethan Medeiros, Senior Technical Recruiter at Pluralsight. “It’s like a whole new world. Where before we had absolutely no visibility into any of this data, we are now able to monitor progress against our aggressive hiring plan and have easily discovered bottlenecks and made changes to our process. These new analytics have helped us make better-informed hiring decisions.”

The Spring ’16 release demonstrates SmartRecruiters’ commitment to building a customer-driven, complete end-to-end Talent Acquisition platform focusing on the three key areas required for hiring success – Market, Collaborate and Manage. Highlight features include:

  • Market – Everything customers need to target and attract the top talent with a best-in-class candidate experience.
    • Easy Referrals – New, enhanced referrals capability that makes it easier than ever for a company’s employees to refer and track the progress of people they think would be great additions to their company.
    • Multiple Job Ads – New ability for corporations to publish individual jobs across multiple languages, which provides legal compliance in many countries and enables recruiters to optimize their job ads to drive higher conversion rates.
    • Job Alerts – Customers can now better nurture all of the candidates in their existing talent pool by marketing new, relevant jobs to the people who have opted in to receive job updates from companies.
  • Collaborate – A modern, mobile applicant tracking system that recruiters and hiring managers openly embrace to vet and select the best people to hire.
    • Google Calendar – A native industry-best Google calendar integration that enables recruiters to easily both see real-time availability of all interviewers and meeting rooms and book multiple interview types (such as phone and in-person) across their hiring process.
    • DocuSign – New DocuSign integration for the offer management process that makes it simple for recruiters to send and receive offer packs direct to candidates, including the ability to accommodate multiple signers and check real-time status within the UI.
    • Type-Ahead Search – Dramatically enhanced search capabilities to make it easy for recruiters to find the candidates they need, including the industry’s first type-ahead search, similar to a best-in-class consumer application.
  • Manage – An open and configurable cloud platform for all a customer’s processes, partners and integrations.
    • Customization – Customers have now even more flexible ways to drive process standardization with the release of unlimited job fields, custom offer form layout order and additional offer merge fields.
    • Google SSO – Google SSO integration, making it both easy and secure for all of a company’s employees to access SmartRecruiters, is especially helpful for the “casual” members you want to engage for referrals and apply for internal positions.
    • SmartRecruiters Marketplace – SmartRecruiters continues to expand the industry’s first and most comprehensive recruiting Marketplace, which eliminates the traditional legacy ATS integration with 20 new integrated partnerships, including AssessFirst, GoodHire, HR Onboard, and Okta.

“SmartRecruiters continues to gain respect and recognition as a best-in-class enterprise Talent Acquisition platform through thoughtful innovation,” said Kyle Lagunas of Lighthouse Research and Advisory. “The advancements in SmartRecruiters hiring success analytics in its Spring 2016 release offer an easy, elegant and accurate tool for today’s talent leaders to both understand and optimize their entire talent acquisition function.”

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