SmartRecruiters Announces Spring 2017 Release of Enterprise Talent Acquisition Suite

Boosting Hiring Quality and Recruiter Productivity

SAN FRANCISCO – April 4, 2017 – SmartRecruiters, the Hiring Success Company, today announced the Spring 2017 release of its industry-leading Talent Acquisition Suite.

The release delivers enhancements and new, powerful tools to empower recruiters to source more highly qualified candidates, speed collaboration and workflow for hiring teams, and offer access to integrated services from two new partners joining the SmartRecruiters Marketplace.

Recruiters will save hours of time through:

  • Multi-Contract Support for LinkedIn Recruiter: Eliminates administrative burdens for managing complex relationships with LinkedIn, streamlines sourcing across regions and subsidiaries, and synchronizes existing candidate information from LinkedIn across multiple contracts.
  • Internal Job Widget: Allows quick, easy placement of widgets on corporate intranet pages or career portals to create a branded internal experience for employees.
  • Support for Seven New Languages: More recruiters in global organizations can work in their native language as they configure SmartRecruiters to meet local needs. These include: French (France), French (Canada), Spanish (Latin America), German, Polish, Swedish, and Chinese (Simplified).

More value from interviews, less complexity managing schedules

The Spring 2017 release will also help hiring managers make better hiring decisions far more rapidly through tools that add more value to feedback from interviews and by streamlining communication, collaboration and workflow. New features include:

  • Independent Feedback: Hides opinions of other interviewers until a review is submitted, improving feedback quality by preventing “group think” that can influence others.
  • Mobile Interview Hub: Powerful iPhone and Android hiring apps to view and manage upcoming and past interviews, submit feedback, and quickly contact other team members — all from any mobile device.

In addition to these enhancements, two new organizations have integrated sourcing, assessment and screening solutions into the SmartRecruiters Marketplace, which now includes nearly 250 partners. New partners include:

  • WayUp: Resource focused on early career recruitment target — to specifically reach, engage and recruit college students and recent grads for jobs and internships in the U.S.
  • Xref: Automates reference checks through intuitive, mobile-ready, cloud-based platform — to help assure employers comply with privacy and discrimination regulations.

“We continue to enhance our product because we know business success comes not from luck, timing or even charisma but from building great teams. These enhancements will empower recruiters with ‘relationship magic’ to achieve that success,” said SmartRecruiters Founder and CEO Jerome Ternynck. “What’s more, eliminating tedious tasks and streamlining collaboration help teams make the best hiring decisions, which is why global enterprises such as Visa, Alcoa and others have adopted SmartRecruiters as their talent acquisition solution.”

About SmartRecruiters

SmartRecruiters enables Hiring Without Boundaries™ by freeing talent acquisition teams from legacy applicant tracking software. SmartRecruiters' next-generation platform serves as the hiring operating system for 4,000 customers like Bosch, LinkedIn, Skechers, and Visa. Companies with business-critical hiring needs turn to SmartRecruiters for best-of-breed functionality, world-class support, and a robust ecosystem of third-party applications and service providers.

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