SmartRecruiters Extends its Leadership in Recruitment Marketing with Fall 2016 Product Release

Company delivers mobile field recruiting application and in-depth sourcing analytics

San Francisco—September 15, 2016—SmartRecruiters, the modern enterprise applicant tracking system (ATS), today announced its Fall 2016 product release. In addition to containing more than 30 features requested by the company’s more than 800 customers, the release delivers to the industry for the first time:

  • A mobile field recruiting application that is seamlessly integrated into an applicant tracking platform.
  • The extension of digital recruitment marketing into field environments using the power of mobile devices.
  • More granular reporting than ever for candidate quality, candidate quantity and ROI — across individual events, campaigns and job boards.

SmartRecruiters’ new field recruiting application brings new and unique functionality to recruiters at college campuses, job fairs and on-premise retail environments. They can now extend their employer brand and candidate experience investments to the field and also accept applications straight into their ATS. This eliminates most manual data entry, thus decreasing the error rate while, more importantly, providing a modern, seamless application experience.

Erika Keough, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition at Microstrategy, said “Our campus recruiting team took an immediate liking to the Field Recruiting App. As part of the beta program, we’ve tried it at several career fairs across North America, and it’s been well received. It’s allowed us to provide a branded application experience from our iPads while avoiding a lot of manual data entry. Candidates today are extremely tech-savvy and look for the one-touch application experience. We feel like the Field Recruiting App brings it all together.”

SmartRecruiters also further deepened its industry-leading sourcing spend and effectiveness analytics. Customers can now follow the impact of each individual recruitment event, career page and campaign all the way from application to hires. This allows corporations to easily identify which recruitment source performs the best in terms of candidate quality and quantity. This can be measured by raw numbers or in relationship to spend. Recruiters and “TA leaders who want to make sure that their time and money are spent in the best way possible will love this power,” explained SmartRecruiters CEO Jerome Ternynck.

Finally, following up on its launch of SmartRecruiters Europe, SmartRecruiters announced the opening of its Frankfurt, Germany, data centers to meet the needs and growing demand of large European organizations which are looking to replace legacy applicant tracking systems (ATS).

Ternynck said, “Our Fall 2016 release represents dramatic progress in our mission to bring our customers hiring success. Right now, there is a strong focus on areas like recruitment marketing and candidate experience. Those are areas that we have invested in for a long time, and that is why our customers now can do things that no one has been able to do before: represent their brand digitally in the field, feed field resumes straight into their ATS, and analyze what is working and not working at a whole new level.”

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