SmartRecruiters Grows 500% Since HR Tech 2014

500 leading companies, including Informatica, Marc Jacobs, Atlassian, Skechers & Ubisoft drive their hiring success with the first modern enterprise talent acquisition platform.

Las Vegas, NV – HR Tech (October 19, 2015) SmartRecruiters, the Hiring Success Company, returns to the worlds largest HR technology show following a year of explosive growth and disruptive innovation. The company’s introduction of the first modern enterprise Talent Acquisition Platform at the start of the year has led to adoption by 500 enterprises across the talent economy, including hot tech companies, leading game developers, thriving retailers, large insurance companies and top travel and logistics providers.

These talent economy leaders find that the SmartRecruiters TA Platform allows them to easily and effectively market themselves to candidates, collaborate amongst their hiring teams to make the best hires, integrate seamlessly with their HRIS systems, and manage their overall TA operation with radically better results than before. Customers routinely triple qualified candidates, triple recruiter productivity, and slash time-to-hire – all while dramatically reducing the traditional headaches associated with HRIS and external vendor integrations.

Twelve releases advanced from last years show, the October 2015 SmartRecruiters TA Platform has emerged as the first of a new class of TA technology that combines enterprise scale and consumer-grade user experience. Adan Villalobos, Head of Talent Acquisition at Skechers, sums up this breakthrough by declaring “Finally a recruitment technology that actually makes hiring easy!”

Leading HR industry analyst Kyle Lagunas of Lighthouse Research & Advisory confirms this transition in a newly published white paper entitled The Talent Acquisition Platform: The Case for a Modern System. Lagunas writes, Winning the war for talent in todays highly competitive, candidate-driven talent economy requires a paradigm shift in the way we approach talent acquisition.He goes on to say, As industry leaders chart a new course for success one that leads them away from the ATS hiring organizations will make the change to a modern talent acquisition platform.

Extraordinary results at hot companies in various industries confirm Lagunass conclusion.

Atlassians Head of Recruiting and Talent Operations declares that SmartRecruiters has taken recruiting and collaboration to the next levelfor the explosively growing creator of Jira. Shaye Cole concludes, Its a total game changer.

Equinox Gyms Yannik Riveti simply says, SmartRecruiters amplifies our ability to hire great people in ways we never imagined before.This from an upscale fitness and spa leader than now employs 13,000 people in clubs from San Francisco to Beverly Hills to Manhattan to Miami Beach and beyond.

Informatica’s Head of Talent Acquisition, Brad Cook, explains that “We have finally found the recruiting OS we’ve been looking for with SmartRecruiters. I love how easy it was to seamlessly integrate with our Workday HRIS and all our recruiting partners.”

Jerome Ternynck, Founder & Chief Executive of SmartRecruiters, commented, Im thrilled that our vision of hiring success in the talent economy has entered its early fruition, as evidenced by our 500% growth over the past year. We are especially pleased our customers are quickly hiring the best talent in their industries due to the force-multiplier effect our TA Platform has on their recruiting. Their feedback, fed into our monthly innovation cadence, has led directly to the transcendent yet pragmatic system that is the October 2015 SmartRecruiters TAP. Our vision for the next twelve months is just as transformative, so we look forward to once again pacing the industry in 2016 and beyond.

About SmartRecruiters

SmartRecruiters enables Hiring Without Boundaries™ by freeing talent acquisition teams from legacy applicant tracking software. SmartRecruiters' next-generation platform serves as the hiring operating system for 4,000 customers like Bosch, LinkedIn, Skechers, and Visa. Companies with business-critical hiring needs turn to SmartRecruiters for best-of-breed functionality, world-class support, and a robust ecosystem of third-party applications and service providers.

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