SmartRecruiters Honors Black History Month with Voices of Diversity

San Francisco – February 1, 2021 – SmartRecruiters is proud to celebrate all dimensions of Diversity – which includes Black History Month recognized during the month of February in the US, Canada and Germany. To continue in the tradition of valuing the contributions of African Americans, SmartRecruiters is proud to sponsor podcasts brought by the company’s Chief Diversity Officer, Rocki Howard, on the Voices of Diversity podcast

Join Rocki and guests every Monday in February as she hosts conversations with black leaders on their experiences as persons of color in corporate America. It’s critical that these experiences are both heard and seen, so we honor them by amplifying their voices in the community. The mission of the Voices of Diversity podcast is to humanize diversity – one story, one conversation at a time. Through powerful stories, Rocki shares the impact that workplace diversity “done right” or wrong on those who identify as underrepresented.  

“If we change the lives of the underrepresented, we change the world, says Rocki Howard, Chief Diversity Officer at SmartRecruiters.

SmartRecruiters as a company is committed to minimizing racism and discrimination in the hiring process—that means using the full power as individuals, as an employer, and as a leading provider of recruitment technology to influence wholescale change and to help companies achieve true diversity hiring outcomes. 

SmartRecruiters recently launched the highly-anticipated Diversity Hiring Toolkit to help companies drive more fair and equitable hiring. As a first step, companies are invited to take the Diversity Hiring Assessment to evaluate their current hiring competency and then receive an actionable plan to improve diversity hiring outcomes.

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