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SmartRecruiters Launches AI-powered Recruiting Assistant, the Industry’s First

Businesses can now leverage the power of artificial intelligence to streamline recruiting processes, remove bias, and usher millions of candidates into their perfect job fit.

SAN FRANCISCO–March 12, 2018, 8:00 AM PST: SmartRecruiters, the Hiring Success Company, launches today the latest addition to its Talent Acquisition Suite: Recruiting Assistant. As the standard bearer for recruiting AI, this new module solves the perennial problem of identifying great talent, on any ATS, without subjectivity or selection bias. Using the latest developments in data science, Recruiting Assistant enables companies to find their ideal fit, faster, freeing up recruiting capacity and reducing wasted ad spend. This empowers recruiters to better engage their most important function: fostering deep and meaningful relationships with candidates.

By processing large volumes of both internal company and external marketplace datasets, Recruiting Assistant screens, discovers, and automates over a million candidate matches a month with over 3000 companies globally, including IKEA, Visa and Bosch.

“Recruiting Assistant heralds a new era for recruiters, where AI connects people to jobs more efficiently than ever,” says CEO Jerome Ternynck. “Drawing from millions of users across thousands of companies already using SmartRecruiters, our algorithms can predict what an ideal candidate looks like, at never-before-seen speeds. The machine also undermines inherent human bias, which really drives diversity”.

Far from making humans redundant, Recruiting Assistant empowers them, automating the most time-consuming aspects of screening by intelligently surfacing the best candidates, or even qualified current employees that may have been otherwise overlooked. Recruiting Assistant is self learning and improves with usage to produce better matches over time. This optimizes available talent and significantly reduces sourcing costs.

“As the first talent acquisition suite with native AI, our Recruiting Assistant applies a layer of intelligence across all our product offerings,” says Director of Product, Talent, Hessam Lavi. “Our AI solution automates the cumbersome and error-prone task of screening candidates, surfacing the best fit from your entire talent pool, thereby improving the quality of hire and returning countless hours of lost time to recruiters.”

Aside from accelerating the time it takes to hire the best talent, Recruiting Assistant also keeps talent pools connected, up-to-date on future career opportunities, and reviews past hiring activity to detect inconsistencies and suggest improvements.

“SmartRecruiters is one of the most innovative companies in recruiting software today, and has transformed the experience of hiring teams and candidates,“ says Rajeev Batra, partner at Mayfield. “Given SmartRecruiters’ unique position in the market and how it connects companies and candidates in its ecosystem of recruiting partners, the AI behind Recruiting Assistant is disruptive. It ushers in an era where the right companies hire the right people with incredible efficiency, unlocking massive value in the $500B global recruiting industry.”

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As a global leader in enterprise recruiting software, SmartRecruiters offers a cloud-based Talent Acquisition Suite that allows businesses to attract, select, and hire the best people. More than 4,000 companies worldwide rely on SmartRecruiters to drive hiring success, including brands like LinkedIn, Visa, Bosch, Skechers, and Avery Dennison. Built on a modern cloud platform, SmartRecruiters offers full functionality for recruitment marketing and collaborative hiring, with an open marketplace of 400+ pre-integrated vendors. For more information on how we connect people to jobs at scale, follow us at @SmartRecruiters, on LinkedIn or on

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