SmartRecruiters launches Diversity Hiring Toolkit

January 18, 2021 – San Francisco – SmartRecruiters is committed to fighting racism and discrimination in the recruiting process—that means using the full power as individuals, as an employer, and as a leading provider of recruitment technology to influence wholesale change and to help companies achieve true diversity hiring outcomes.

It feels appropriate on Martin Luther King Jr. Day to honor his legacy of service and the steadfast progression of human rights by taking a step forward.

Today, SmartRecruiters is launching one of the first key initiatives – The Diversity Hiring Toolkit.

The Diversity Hiring Toolkit includes a maturity model and success pillars, each of which consists of three key standards that SmartRecruiters believes form a best in breed framework for diversity recruitment initiatives.

As part of the toolkit, SmartRecruiters invites companies to take the Diversity Hiring Assessment. This provides companies a holistic and objective view of a companies’ overall Diversity Hiring Maturity Level. The assessment is designed for all company sizes and industries, and recommended for anyone who has an in-depth knowledge of their company’s Talent Acquisition, Marketing and D&I initiatives.

Upon completion of the assessment, the organization will receive a custom-made report that will serve as a toolkit on how to improve diversity hiring outcomes with tailored guidance and actionable steps. Participants will also receive the State of Diversity Recruitment Bi-Annual report—industry-leading intelligence that will allow organizations to benchmark their processes and standards against industry wide metrics. 

As a follow-up, SmartRecruiters will provide additional resources to help organizations understand their assessment results and how they can leverage this output to drive real change. These continuous education resources will be available across multiple platforms and mediums (e.g., white papers, Master Class lessons, podcasts, webinars, etc.) and will serve to further educate organizations on how to utilize the Diversity Hiring Toolkit to deliver tangible results.

By participating in the Diversity Hiring Assessment, companies will begin the critical mission to level up their diversity recruitment initiatives, leveraging inclusive and competitive recruitment processes to achieve Diversity Hiring Success.

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