SmartRecruiters Launches Self-Service Integration

Company announces new platform connector strategy, integration offerings and partnership with NDM Global to support lower cost, self-service capabilities to support growth in global client base

San Francisco – March 23, 2021 – SmartRecruiters has today announced that SmartConnect (™), a self-service module designed to support client driven integration configurations, will officially launch next month. 

“This marks the first investment in what SmartRecruiters sees as a significant area of future investment around systems integrations and platform configuration. This move signals a renewed focus on reducing total cost of ownership while creating efficiencies around deploying and managing point solution configuration and system integrations  for our global customers,” said Rebecca Carr, SVP Growth at SmartRecruiters.

SmartConnect, accessible through SmartRecruiters’ standard core platform offering, will expand upon robust, pre-existing APIs. This will enable systems administrators to not only directly map data fields but also support scheduled updates from third party technology providers directly into customers’ native SmartRecruiters instance.

Developed to help improve and enhance productized integrations, SmartConnect will begin with a limited number of initial launch partners – a carefully selected list chosen primarily for their capabilities to support SmartRecruiters’ existing global customer base. 

These initial connectors include many of the tier-one ERP and HCM providers already in use by SmartRecruiters’ enterprise customers, as well as a small group of strategic assessment and distribution partners. The SmartConnect product will allow SmartRecruiters customers to augment and enhance their current talent technology capabilities without adding additional complexities, unnecessary capabilities, or the many hidden variable costs often associated with systems architecture and integration. The company expects to launch additional connectors as part of the quarterly standard product release process.

SmartRecruiters has also announced that it has chosen NDM Global as a SmartConnect launch partner. NDM Global, a leading provider of systems architecture services, is widely recognized for its deep expertise and specialized focus in architecting, developing, deploying and maintaining connectors between some of the world’s largest HR Technology vendors and the enterprise employers those vendors support. 

With over 30 years of experience, NDM Global helps businesses achieve their digital goals in the new world of work. NDM also brings deep experience in creating user designed workflows and forms, a capability powered by their industry leading DocQ offering. 

“This combination of SmartRecruiters’ rich integrations environment and deep API functionality, along with NDM Global’s proprietary, and powerful, DocQ technology, is expected to effectively reshape and redefine the future of productized integrations within the ATS category,” Rebecca Carr says.

“SmartRecruiters couldn’t be more excited to rethink the nature of integration for HR functions around the world through our new SmartConnect product. This investment continues our quest in supporting some of the world’s largest brands toward reducing maintenance and support costs while enabling integration to innovative point solutions in the market,” said Carr.

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