SmartRecruiters welcomes TA leader to drive Hiring Success

San Francisco, CA – November 3, 2020 – The past six months at SmartRecruiters have involved considerable transition and acceleration, including the commitment to go remote first forever, become an anti-racist force in the recruiting market, and release products to optimize remote hiring. The company has bold and innovative plans for this next phase of growth, which means hiring the right people to drive the company’s success. To achieve these goals, SmartRecruiters sought out a strong talent acquisition (TA) leader with deep global expertise and experience scaling high-growth companies. SmartRecruiters is excited to welcome Kave Bulambo to lead the global TA function and drive Hiring Success across the organization.

“We’re on a path to make SmartRecruiters the role model for recruiters and hiring managers around the world, says Sarah Wilson, head of people at SmartRecruiters. “We plan to showcase how to successfully hire and scale a diverse and remote-first global workforce, while maintaining our Smartian company culture. We’re excited to have Kave leading the charge for this next leg of our journey.”

SmartRecruiters has aggressive hiring plans for the future. With the ~10x access to new remote talent pools around the world, it allows the company to find the best candidates regardless of geography or office location. Kave will lead the company’s remote hiring strategy, and she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience scaling tech companies during periods of explosive growth such as N26 and Zalando. 

A key component of the remote hiring strategy will also execute on our 10 Principles of Diversity Hiring and role model the best practices for SmartRecruiters customers. Kave’s background in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is impressive – sharing the stage with some of the world’s prominent African and global leaders such as Strive Masiyiwa, Mo Ibrahim, Chelsea Clinton and former president Nelson Mandela’s wife Mrs Graça Machel. Kave also created the Blackintech Berlin group as well as the Women in Data Berlin that provide support and learning opportunities to under-represented groups interested in learning skills to enter tech.

Kave’s hiring approach focuses on passion, charisma, enthusiasm and the willingness to overcome one’s differences. “The people we hire determine the type of organization we build, which has a direct influence on our results, and ultimately our world,” says Kave Bulambo.

“Talent is the competitive advantage, and companies are only as good as the people they hire. We’re excited for Kave’s leadership to help build our organization of the future,” says Jerome Ternynck, Founder and CEO of SmartRecruiters. 

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