Doka Builds Global Recruiting Expertise with SmartRecruiters Product Training

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Distributed Global Team Seeks Consistent Hiring Processes

At Doka, talent acquisition is intertwined with the human resources function. The 6,800-employee company has only four full-time recruiters; the 80 local HR managers around the globe have recruiting responsibilities in addition to general HR duties.

When Doka brought on SmartRecruiters in 2017, each office had different processes for hiring. Some were managing recruitment through email and CVs stored on local shared drives. Doka relied on SmartRecruiters’ ease of use and multi-lingual support to bring consistency to its hiring processes and ensure compliance in every country.

Doka needs to hire the best people to design, produce, and consult on Doka equipment that is used at construction sites from Peru to the Philippines. If it could consistently grow its recruiting expertise worldwide, Doka could leverage the industry knowledge of its existing HR team without hiring more recruiters.

About Doka

  • Industry: Construction
  • Region: Global
  • Employees: 6,800
  • Offices: 160
  • Headquarters: Amstetten, Austria
  • Hiring Model: Decentralized

Doka provides innovative formwork, solutions, and services in all areas of construction. The company is also a global supplier of scaffolding solutions for a varied spectrum of applications. With more than 160 sales and logistics facilities in over 60 countries, Doka has a high-performing distribution network for advice, customer service, technical support, and equipment delivery.

There was a huge shift to having a system that was available globally. SmartRecruiters enabled us to bring the community together on a regular basis and gave us all access to the same tools.

– Magdalena Leutgeb,
Global Lead, Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding

Doka - Distributed Global Team Seeks Consistent Hiring Processes

Training Plan Builds Consistency and Community

Investing in a solution doesn’t always guarantee that people will use it or that processes will change. Magdalena Leutgeb, Global Lead, Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding at Doka, developed a two-pronged approach to training the HR team and hiring managers: onboarding training and quarterly product briefings.

Ensuring a Baseline of Knowledge

Whenever a hiring manager receives an invitation to SmartRecruiters, they also receive a 30-minute training on how to use the system. New recruiters or HR generalists with recruiting responsibilities have a series of training modules about six hours long. For each audience, the training helps ensure that they use the system correctly so that Doka can track metrics to monitor and optimize its talent acquisition function.

Keeping the Pulse on Innovation

Each quarter, SmartRecruiters announces product updates and delightful enhancements. Magdalena’s team reviews the SmartRecruiters quarterly briefing to pull out the updates most relevant to how the Doka hiring team operates. Then, she conducts several meetings to provide coverage across time zones. Each session contains product highlights, a demo, a discussion, and a quiz to test their knowledge. They also discuss one of the SmartRecruiters best practices, such as scorecards or interviewing. The quizzes create engagement and remind team members about the importance of recruiting knowledge. Overall, “the meetings help us feel like a recruiting community,” said Magdalena.

Scheduling our quarterly check-ins around the rhythm of SmartRecruiters product releases gives our team the feeling of being recruiting specialists even though most of them are not recruiting full-time.

– Magdalena Leutgeb,
Global Lead, Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding

Key Outcomes

  • 10% increase in hiring velocity year over year
  • 80 HR managers and 4 recruiters receive ongoing training on hiring best practices
  • 100+ hiring managers, HR managers, and recruiters trained per year
  • Scaled global recruitment expertise aligned with trends in talent acquisition to hire more than 700 employees and interns per year

Result: Recruiting Expertise Enabled on an Ongoing Basis

SmartRecruiters keeps track of evolving market trends and customer feedback to inform product innovations. Through its onboarding training and quarterly updates on SmartRecruiters innovations, Doka ensures that its team builds their recruiting expertise in step with the market. Whether its recruiters are full-time specialists or HR generalists, the Doka team has access to the latest best practices, product features, and ongoing support that helps them build the company’s future, one hire at a time.

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