SmartRecruiters Announces lineup for Hiring Success 18 annual conference

SAN FRANCISCO, February 8, 2018 – SmartRecruiters, the Hiring Success Company, released today the lineup for its eponymous annual conference, Hiring Success 18. Running March 12-14, in San Francisco, the industry-leading conference will host an array of luminaries, insiders and iconoclasts, as they address topics crucial to the future of recruiting like machine learning, blockchain, and how Tech can contribute to workplace diversity.

“Hiring success is business success, but to stay ahead in this pinched labor market, you have to be able to hire the best talent,” says CEO Jerome Ternynck. “For Hiring Success 18, we’re bringing together a community of Talent Acquisition leaders, practitioners and industry experts to exchange ideas, and learn from each other. With over 1,000 executives, 200 sessions and 100 speakers on five stages, we will shape the most important HR conversations for the coming year.”

The three days will include sessions with top-sector brands like Adidas, Visa, IKEA and Optimizely. Speakers include Lou Adler, CEO of the Adler Group; Matt Charney, Executive Editor at RecruitingDaily; and Kyle Lagunas, Research Manager at IDC.

We will also host a series of on-site competitive events: In the first-ever recruiting Hackathon, five customer teams, representing companies like Atlassian, Square and Visa, will be given the opportunity, over 24 hours, to build an app right onto our API and take home $5,000. At the Battle of the Bots, global recruiting consultant Bill Boorman will oversee a live experiment of whether a series of bots may be able to eventually replace human function.

At the Recruiting Startup of the Year contest, 50 startups vie for 6 spots to pitch on main stage at Hiring Success to an audience of 1000 recruiting leaders, as well as top sponsors like Silicon Valley Bank and Insight Ventures. The winner takes home $10,000 in media sponsorship from, and will have an article written about them by Talent Tech Labs’ Jonathan Kestenbaum.

At Hiring Success 18 we will also launch SmartRecruiters’ latest product, AI Recruiting Assistant, a new module which actually learns, adjusts, and improves the more it’s used. The system automates candidate screening to determine best fit, streamlining tasks that leave recruiters and hiring managers more time to build and maintain human relationships.

“After four years of R&D by our world-class data scientists, we are thrilled to present the AI Recruiting Assistant to the world,” says Global VP Robin Haak. “With over a million of applicants using our technology each month, our Recruiting Assistant will provide customers a technology to screen CVs, filter and select the best candidates. Our system is based on AI that not only connects the best candidates to the best jobs, but does so without unconscious human bias. We hope this will have a direct benefit for our clients who want to see more fairness and diversity in hiring.”

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